Which Road Bike Helmet is Best For Off Road Activities

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For years BMX racing has been one of the most popular extreme sports around. It has gained popularity worldwide due to its high risk factor and it is considered a niche sport that is only suited for a few. However, recently BMX has become more mainstream with many BMX bikers wearing full face BMX helmets when racing on public roads. These helmets have become an accessory in a lot of peoples’ sporting lives. As a result, BMX helmet image credits have also skyrocketed with many new designs popping up everywhere.

An Overview

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

With this rise in image credit, many companies have come out with some of the best bike helmet image credits around. To select the best one for you would be to do a bit of research yourself. There are a number of BMX helmet companies that make quite a number of different models, so you have a good chance of finding something that catches your eye.

One of the top selling BMX helmet brands is ScorpionExo. It makes a number of BMX bike helmets that are suitable for all types of riding and racing. You can get BMX racing helmets, stunt helmets, biking helmets, BMX bike helmets, mountain bike helmets and even BMX dirt bike helmets by this company. It is also worth noting that although BMX is not as popular as it used to be a few years back, there are still a lot of dedicated cycling enthusiasts out there and many of them would be interested in having BMX gear.

Best Helmets To Buy

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

One company that is making quite a number of good bicycle helmets is Catella. Their range of BMX bicycle helmets include everything from BMX dirt bikes to BMX racing bikes and BMX biking gears such as gloves and shoes. One of their latest additions is the cratoni road bike helmet, which looks pretty slick.

One of the most famous Italian brands is the Spydie. Their BMX range includes helmets for both racing and street biking and each one is engineered to perfection using the finest materials and technology. Spydie Meek says that most of their customers are looking for a bike helmet that suits their style, so they have taken the time to develop a variety of models that will suit most individuals’ tastes.

One of the leading brands in BMX clothing is the Spydie Smalls brand of bike helmet. Some of the cool products include the Smallside, the Slapshot and the Thrasher. The BMX styled helmet is made out of high impact plastic and has a hard-wearing impact absorbing liner. It is lightweight and is molded to make the rider’s head feel comfortable while wearing it.

Not everybody likes the look of plastic. That is why some people opt for high quality, sturdy BMX bicycle helmets rather than the more generic looking road cycling or mountain bike helmets. BMX style helmets are definitely different. They have vents that can be opened manually, are padded and are really sturdy compared to ordinary bicycle helmets. This style is favored by stunt riders.

The Top Brand

If you’re looking for the best bike helmet for cycling, you should definitely consider Spydie meek. You won’t be disappointed. Other great brands that you might want to check out are Scorpion, Shimano, Bell & Ross, Fit Cycles, and Giant Bikes. All these companies make top quality helmets that are designed especially for cycling enthusiasts.

If you’re a serious cyclist who wants to look tough and confident while out on the road, you should definitely check out Spydie meek. Spydie meek says goodbye to the image of all BMX helmets. It is a full face BMX bike helmet with a hard shell that covers the entire head and torso.

One of the most popular types of BMX bicycle helmets that many cyclists are choosing nowadays are the Italian made cratoni helmets. Italian road bike helmets are perfect for off road activities. Some of the Italian companies that make this type of helmet include TIGI, GEC, Bell & Ross, and Speed Concept. These companies make a variety of different models from their st Cannati to their superb cratoni style.


If you’re looking for a durable helmet that offers excellent protection without looking out of place while riding off road, the GEC MIP helmet is exactly what you’re looking for. The GEC MIP is the most advanced full-face BMX bike helmet on the market today. The GEC MIP has a hard shell that is completely covered by the foam of the helmet, providing maximum protection while also having a sleek and futuristic look that many riders find very appealing. The GEC MIP is available in several different colors and features.

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