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haas racing f1

Haas Racing F1, competing under the name Uralkali Haas F1 Team, is an American Formula One team based out of NASCAR, competing as part of the GP2 Series. The group first planned to make its race debut at the end of the 2021 season; however, they later decided to delay their entry into the sport till the end of the 2021 season. Team boss Gene Haas confirmed the decision to the press on August 14th, stating, “The company decided to basically withdraw from Formula One at the end of the current season. The most remaining schedules for the rest of the teams in the championship will be determined after consulting with the Formula One Management Company (FOC).”

The Idea to Build a Manufacturer Car

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The decision marks a significant shift for Haas, who had previously announced that the team intended to build a manufacturer car. However, a statement issued by the team later in the month gave a different impression of events. The statement stated:” Haas is exploring launching a Formula One car next year. It is too early to define the specific design. Our primary focus is to begin testing and developing our driver’s comfort and performance in a wide range of scenarios. We are still interested in building a competitive and innovative team that can challenge for championships in future years.”

Driver Positions

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Speaking about the driver positions, it appears that Joanna Lowe has been given the head coaching role. Haas had earlier announced that former racer Dietrich Bonnell would become the team’s primary driver, while Oliver Rowdy remained as a backup. This move has raised some eyebrows, as most racing drivers prefer to drive alongside their teammates during practice sessions and the first day of a Grand Prix. However, Lowe has been widely praised for her performances in her two previous starts, taking part in each of the races she entered, scoring podiums in both of them.

With the departure of Bonnell and Rowdy, it will be interesting to see who becomes the primary driver for Haas. The most obvious choice would be Jean-Daniel Beland, who impressed at Silverstone this year, winning the event and finishing third overall.

Racing Machinery

In terms of racing machinery, there is not too much to write home about. Having started in BMW, HAS Racing managed to score some good victories, most notably at the Spa 24 Hours, where the Mercedes-Benz only beat them. It seems that the German company is content to sit behind Mercedes-Benz, hoping that they will develop their competitive car. Whatever the case, it is clear that having one of the most efficient drivers and teams in Formula One should bode well for its efforts in its campaign for Formula One championship victory in the future.


Haas is the official motorsport advisor for Mercedes-Benz, having an overall share of the firm’s interest in motorsport. The company supports several Formula One teams, particularly Ferrari and Toyota. Many of the top drivers in the world (Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, and Mark Webber) have taken part in the team’s annual Formula One season races in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

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