Very Few People Knows These Crazy Facts About F1 Sidecar Racing

A racing car on a track

When the car runs at a high speed and when we see it on televisions, it looks like it will come out. Our heartbeat gets up and down and we feel so much excitement. But you will be surprised to know some crazy facts about F1 sidecar racing. Here we have compiled crazy facts. 

A Team Strength Might Go As High As 600 people

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When you see an F1 sidecar racing, you only get to see a driver with the car driving at super high speed. But do you know there are many more people who are working behind? There are many technicians, support staff, medical staff, administrator, representatives from different stakeholders working from the back. All their work takes into the end result that gives you an adrenaline rush. 

Car Cost Is Very Very High

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A car may cost up to $10 to $20 million. The cost does not end here. Every year some new advancement comes into the field and the car becomes obsolete. The company needs to buy another car. Many times, companies use separate cars for different f1 sidecar racing competitions. 

Drivers Compete For Two Championships

In FI racing, there is more than 1 champion. The second title is called constructor’s championship. Constructor is the group of people who design these cars. So the drivers compete for both the championships. 

Driver Has To Go Through Tough Physical And Mental Training

The monster car is not like a normal car we used to see on the roads. Even drivers require another level of mental and physical strength to handle that. Besides driving skills, they train 8 to 10 hours on different techniques. When they are at the racing they lose seven to eight pounds of water. Poor ventilation is another big issue for drivers. In that difficult situation, they have to keep their focus on driving. 

Steering Wheels Have Many Buttons

Steering wheels have many buttons and a driver has to use them efficiently in a very short span of time. It looks like a video game or airplane controller. Depending on various models, the button varies from 15 to 25. It gives the option to control engine mode, and you can also talk to your team.

F1 Sidecar Racing Has Taken Lives Of 53 Drivers

Since its start, 53 drivers have lost their life despite having so many safety features. So it’s not a child’s play. The most tragic year was 2000 when we lost four talented drivers in different racing venues. 

Refueling The Car Is Not Allowed

A driver can only stop for a tire change, not for refueling. This rule is made for the safety of drivers, crew, and spectators.


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