Various Types Of Motor Racing Activity

Various Types Of Motor Racing

Racing is one of the most exciting forms of sports competition that the human race has created. It gives a sense of thrill, enjoyment, excitement, and pumps up the adrenaline rush amongst the viewers. There are different types of racing that are available out there. Here are various types of motor racing activity that are available out there.

Top 7 Motor Racing Activity

Formula Motor Racing Activity

The formula motor racing activity is one of the most famous types of professional racing. Almost everyone would have heard about Formula racing at one time or other. From the cars used in this race to the tracks they work on, everything about this race is different. The cars have only one seat for the driver, and the wheels of these cars are present outside the body of the car. These cars are custom designed and are built for only races. One cannot use these cards for their day to day life works as they cannot be used on roads. The maintenance of these cars is also very different from the normal car maintenance.

The most famous Formula racing is conducted in the name of Formula racing 1 which is conducted in Monaco.

Various Types Of Motor Racing
Various Types Of Motor Racing

Drag Racing

This is a form of racing which can be conducted on roads as well as in tracks. Drag racing involves straight-line competition done on the streets. The cars that are involved in this drag racing can be normal cars or the ones that are purposely made for the drag racing. The cars should accelerate as fast as they can so that they can beat their opponents. The drag racing is usually held on the small tracks like 200 or 400 meters.


The rallying involves production-based cars. It is conducted on the closed public roads or in the off-road areas. The road width varies along with the weather conditions. The courses where this rallying takes place are either made of the asphalt, gravel, snow, or ice. The racers run in a point to point format leaving in regular time intervals.

Stock Car Racing

This type of racing is very popular in the US. The custom made production cars are valued in this stock car racing. This car racing usually conducts in oval tracks, and the racers here push their limits for tremendous amounts of laps.

Various Types Of Motor Racing
Various Types Of Motor Racing

Sports Car Racing

The sports cars are two-seater vehicles with enclosed wheels on either side. There are two types of cars- Production derives models and grand tourers. The leading championship conducted for Sportscar racing is “FIA World Endurance Championship.”

Touring Car Racing

The touring car racing is conduct using the production of derived cars from various companies. These cars will have similar specifications and performance. The motor racing only happens in special race tracks and is popular in Australia, the UK, and Europe. The major touring car racing events across the world includes British touring car championship, touring car championship and supercars championship.

One Make Racing

In this one-make racing, all the cars that participate in the race are from the same company. The driver’s performance is the only thing that matters here.

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