Types of Motor Race

Motor race

About Motor Race

Racing which involves the use of motorized vehicles is motorsports or motor race. Federation International de I ‘Automobile (FIA) governs four-wheeled motorsports. While the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) looks over the two-wheeler competition in motor racing.

Motor race
Motor race

Moreover, powerboat racing is also a part of motorsports which are governed by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). Also, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is the governing authority of air sports like airplane racing. Mostly two-wheeler and four-wheeler racing are considered under motor racing events.

Types Of Motor Race

As there are many types of vehicles, so there are different types of races depending upon the vehicle. Also, there are different rules and format of racing in which professionals compete. Thus there are various types of motor races:-

Auto Racing – it includes multiple types of car racing. Four-wheeler racing has two significant categories Open-wheel and Closed wheel.  Formula races are famous open-wheel races. Off-road racing and sports car racing are famous closed wheel racing.

Rallying- this race takes place on public and private roads with specially built cars. It is not a circuit race; instead, it is a point to point race.

Motorcycle racing- includes racing on two-wheelers. Road racing, off-road races, circuit or open course are different types of sports on motorbikes.

Truck racing- in such races participant competes on modified heavy vehicles like trucks. Truck racing is done on both road and circuits.

Racing On Other Vehicles

Boat racing- is a race on water. Various watercraft compete in these races. There are three major categories in boat racing. That is racing on Self-propelled human-powered boats, motorized boats, and wind-powered boats.

Air Racing- this is the highest- tech sport of the current period. In this sport, air crafts compete among themselves over a set course. Time taken to complete the course and the performance over the course are an essential basis of an evaluation of the winner.

Kart racing- is racing on roads with go-karts.

Drone racing- in these races, participants compete with their drones. They wear head mount display and control the camera-equipped drones with remotes.

Hovercraft racing- It is a vehicle that has air cushion as the base instead of wheels. It can run over any surface, land, water, mud, or ice. 

Lawnmower racing- in this race participants ride on modified lawnmowers.

Dirt bike motor race
Dirt Bike Motor Race

Engines Used in Motor Race

Different vehicles use a different type of engines. In vehicles used for racing, engines are modified as per the requirement in the race. Thus, here are several types of motors used in different vehicles for racing. Major categories of the engine are

  • All compete engines
    • Airboat engines
    • Circle track engines
    • Crate engines
    • Drag race engines
    • Truck and tractor pull engines
  • Performance long block engines
  • Race-prepped blocks
  • Short blocks engine
  • Short blocks deluxe engine
  • Un-assembled short blocks

These engines are used in different vehicles as per the requirement. Sometimes developers use un-assembled blocks to make customized engines for their vehicles.

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