Top Fuel Drag Racing Games in 2021

A fire truck parked in front of a car

The thrill you get in playing Drag Racing Games is incomparable. If you want to add some of the best drag racing games to  your list, then checkout the ones mentioned below.

Dragster Mayhem |Developer: Minicades

A car parked on the side of a road

This was the first serious, drag racing-dedicated mobile game that I remember, and, for a while, all of the cool kids from the nitro ranks like Morgan Lucas and J.R. Todd were playing it and comparing times. To me, it’s held up pretty well and I play it often.

How it looks: The graphics are pretty decent and the sound is great. The default camera view is from behind the car, which works pretty well, but there are five others, including a pretty good in-car mode. I played this game for weeks before seeing a tiny, opaque camera icon on the top right of the screen to change the view. The tracks are nicely rendered and the header flames, tire smoke, and guardwall-bashing sparks all look very nice. Despite the name, there’s no real mayhem involved such as crashes and no blown engines or wounded parts.

Game modes: The game offers both single-player or multiplayer modes. Single-player pits you against computer AI opponents while multiplayer sets up real-life opponents, though finding a match can sometimes take a long time due to lack of users.

Mopar Drag N Brag | Developer: Minicades

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Minicades took the successful engine that powered Dragster Mayhem and expanded it (with the apparent backing of Mopar) to include Funny Car, Pro Stock, three fast Pro Mod-style doorslammer classes, Super Stock, Stock, and even jet dragsters. You can earn a chance to drive Matt Hagan’s Funny Car or the Pro Stockers of Jeg Coughlin Jr. and Allen Johnson. The rub (just as in real life) is that you have to work your way through the slower classes to get access to the big guns.

How it looks: The graphics are very similar to Dragster Mayhem. The cars that are supposed to shift will bob the nose on the shift; a nice touch. The tracks are nicely rendered, including a nice version of Bandimere Speedway, home of the Mopar NHRA Mile-High Nationals. The sound varies from class to class is decent but not exceptional.

Game modes: Single-player and multiplayer. Multiplayer matching seems much stronger than Dragster Mayhem.

CSR Racing 2 | Developer: Natural Motion

CSR (short for Custom Street Racing) is the “Big Daddy” of all drag racing games from a pure saturation point with more than 130 million downloads and there’s plenty of reasons why. Although this is street racing and not drag racing, I include only because it’s probably the most fully-featured of the genre. Side scrollers like this are a dime a dozen in the App Store, with a variety of flavors and features; even my favorite overall racing game, Real Racing 3, has a small drag race mode.. Some have tuning/customization elements and then it’s automatic stage, mash the gas when the Tree drops, and then it’s either hit the shift points and the nitrous (sometimes both, sometimes one, sometimes neither) but CSR has them all. He downside? It’s a huge 3.3 GB download which may be tough for those of you whose devices are filled with music and photos.

How it looks: Gorgeous on every level. The cars –- so many cars — are beautifully rendered inside and out and look great going down the track (er, street). I wish this game was on a dragstrip instead of a street so I could throw it a double thumbs-up, but the backgrounds are nonetheless nicely rendered.

Game modes: There are a ton of modes –- too many to list here –- that allows you to race your way up a ladder, bonus events, join a team (“crew”), and competitive rankings, all of it against real people, and there are tons of them, so matchmaking is quick.

So, enjoy these fuel drag racing games on your PC today!

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