Top F1 Racing Track In the World Today

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Formula 1 racing is simply breathtaking and gives you all the adrenaline rush you need. Top drivers in the quickest, most innovatively progressed hustling vehicles on the planet, fighting for a definitive prize – the world championship in F1 racing! The various F1 racing track is regularly as unbelievable as the racing itself. From customary Prix tracks bragging decades of history to modern innovative facilities setting new norms for the structure.

Here are the main 10 circuits that we think each F1 fan should definitely visit!

Top F1 Racing Track In The World

Albert Park, Australian Grand Prix

Best F1 Racing Track To Visit
Top F1 Racing Track In the World Today

The Australian Grand Prix setting is an unquestionable requirement visit for F1 fans with a genuine hunger for something new.

The circuit itself is quick and streaming, the novel mix of street and lasting track highlight making it a genuine test for drivers. Furthermore, with the clamouring Melbourne CBD on one side, and the mixed coastline town of St. Kilda on the other, you won’t be shy of choices for post-race mingling!

Monaco Grand Prix – Most Famous F1 Racing Track

The gem in Formula 1’s crown! Present-day excellent Prix vehicles grew out of the popular Monaco road circuit decades prior, yet no one wants to think about it.

Monaco is about the display of watching extraordinary drivers string the 900-pull needle through the Principality. Besides, it’s also about the fabulousness and being seen in lovely places with wonderful individuals!

There are no ‘bad’ seats at the Monaco Grand Prix. If you love Formula 1, this F1 racing track must be at the head of your visiting list.

Marina Bay, Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore is awesome in itself as a city. Be that as it may, toss a Formula 1 race directly in the downtown area, and you have something genuinely exceptional.

As the main evening time road race on the Formula 1 schedule, the Singapore Grand Prix has gotten an advanced exemplary. Not only is the setting staggering, but the Formula 1 vehicles also simply look quicker under lights!

Monza, Italian Grand Prix – Classic F1 Racing Track

Classic F1 Racing Track For Fans To Visit
Top F1 Racing Track In the World Today

The Monza track is the home of the Italian Grand Prix. It is also one of the most customary circuits on the schedule. The history of this track can also be traced back to the 1920s!

Because of the ‘Tifosi’, the energetic band of Ferrari supporters, a race day at Monza feels as much like a soccer match as it does an engine race.

A Ferrari driver winning the Italian Grand Prix takes his racing career another level. Charles Leclerc’s stunning victory for the ‘Scuderia’ showed that very well!

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexican Grand Prix

Like in Italy, it’s the crowd that makes the Mexican Grand Prix so exceptional!

The circuit includes a remarkable arena segment worked around the tight, twisty Turns 13/14/15 complex. Stuffed with fans giving a shout out to nearby legend Sergio Perez, the arena has immediately become a cutting edge symbol in the amazing Prix racing.

Silverstone, British Grand Prix – One Of The Oldest F1 Racing Track

The well known British circuit is saturated with history. And the very first F1 race occurred at Silverstone way back in 1950!

Recently redeveloped, Silverstone now has present-day, cutting edge facilities. The circuit itself, however, is still flavorfully old school, holding the quick, open nature that uncovered its airbase roots.

Wrap Up

If you are a F1 fan, make sure to visit each one of these tracks at least once in your lifetime! Most importantly, make a longer plan where you can also take a tour of the city before you actually see the race. That way, you can enjoy the race even more!

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