Top 6 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

Best Formula 1 Teams

The fastest racing car in the world is Formula One who features the most popular car show in the world. This event has a huge impact on people and many fans eagerly wait for the show in front of the television. There are around Greatest F1 Teams to ever compete in the championship. The drivers are treated as heroes by their fans for their speed and participation in the race. The concept of this formula one game was very different at the initial stages.

It was a risk-taking game where everyone is concerned about their safety. In recent days many advancements took place in this game, not only in the field of safety but also in the rules and regulations.

Top 6 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

Top 6 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

The Top Formula One Teams To Compete In World Championship: Greatest F1 Teams

Team Sauber-
This particular team has its roots in Formula one since the 90s and one of the wealthy car manufacturers. They changed their racing venues very often and pursue another. Moreover they work in partnership and excelled in the field is the most experienced one. They often work in partnership with another well-known team Ferrari and also Ford and BMW.

Brawn GP Team-
Brawn team is popular for its title as one-hit-wonder and competed in only one season. They received the title of constructor’s championship with two drivers in the year 2009. None of the teams has ever done this before in the season of formula one. The founder of this team, Brawn had tagged the team as the double diffuser because of its extraordinary drivers.

Team Lotus-
This team is one of the classic team with Formula one constructors. They emerged victorious in many races. They are one of the sister team of formula 1 and started their journey since the 50s. The initial performance by them made them world popular and they have continued with their spellbound performances.

More Two Teams Which Are Awesome

Renault Team-
Starting from the year 1977 this team gained many success stories. Due to sudden tragic moments they got low in rankings and couldn’t perform at a later stage. Their historical performance was in 2000 by their great drivers where everyone was in awe. The only name which pops up along with this team is Fernando who emerged victoriously and grabbed both the championship for the team Renault.

Top 6 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

Top 6 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

Benetton Team-
This team entered into the family of formula one after Toleman purchased the team. They started their promotion with different materials and clothing was one among them. This team had the opportunity to have the world’s best driver to work for them. Their performances were not stable at a later stage but few of them created history.

Team Red Bull-
This team is one of the blossoming team of formula one. Being the youthful team they gained lots of success in many seasons. They achieved the title of both the championship and the constructors’ championship. They have given spellbound performances continuously from the year 2010 to 2013.

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