The Five Basic Things Every Racer Must Know


There are some basics that are important for a racer to follow. The basis of car racing is racing. In order to race well, you must first understand how a car works and what the things that a driver must do in order to win a race.

There are five basic things that any driver must know. These are how to drive, how to shift gears, how to brake, how to accelerate, and how to corner. Each of these will have a specific purpose and must be used in a racecar to ensure that you go as fast as possible.

The Racer Driver Must Know The Shift Gears

The driver must understand how to shift gears. This will help him or her to change speeds, allowing for maximum speed when entering or leaving corners. Changing gears also allows the driver to shift up to three gears, which will allow the driver to enter and exit corners at a higher speed, accelerating, or slowing down accordingly.

The Five Basic Things Every Racer Must Know
The Five Basic Things Every Racer Must Know

Braking is crucial in any racecar. If you get too low to the ground or under a car, then your tires will not absorb the force, and you will go flying into the air. However, if you are braking properly, you can lift off the throttle just before you release the brakes, making it much easier to slow down and land safely.

Accelerating is important in all racing, but acceleration is especially important in faster racing formats such as drag racing, and road races were faster cars need to get around the track before the slower cars do. Since acceleration requires horsepower, and horsepower is generated by gasoline, racing is all about fuel economy. If you can generate more horsepower than your car is rated for, then you must learn to use it in a way that benefits the race and keeps your car’s engine in the right place for maximum fuel efficiency.

A Racer Should Learn About Brakes

Braking, in turn, has its own set of speed-saving tricks that can save time and allow you to keep pace with the pack. Some racers have learned to brake before getting on the throttle, while others will do brakes just before they reach a corner to prevent them from going too fast into the corner.

Cornering is the process of moving around the circuit. To corner well, a driver must be able to make quick cuts to get around a corner quickly and smoothly. Crashing into a wall may not be an option because of the damage that can be done when coming off a corner.

Cornering is difficult for most racers because they do not know how to approach it. They always end up going around a corner, but they only do it because they do not know how to end a corner properly.

The Five Basic Things Every Racer Must Know
The Five Basic Things Every Racer Must Know

Master All The Important Things

Braking is another important thing that all racers must master. You must keep control of your car, and brakes are the only way to do so. By using the brakes properly, you can ensure that your car will come to a stop at a precise point and not go flying through the air.

Driving around corners requires both braking and steering to make it happen. Turning means that you need to ensure that you come to a complete stop at the appropriate spot, or else you may be forced to skid across the track.

Cornering requires precision and a good driver must be able to perform many of these techniques correctly. A good way to practice this skill is to take the wheels off the accelerator at the apex of a corner and let the car corner itself on the brakes.

Bottom Line

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