What Makes Car Racing So Exciting

The Excitement of Speed Car Racing

Speed always thrills and excites people. Car racing is thus a trendy sport to watch. Speed cars specially built to race on the roads or individual tracks. We also know it by different names like auto racing or motorsport. It requires excellent skill, courage, and spirit of adventure on the part of the racing driver. That is why we pay a considerable amount for tickets to watch sports live at different venues around the world. Moreover, millions watch it live on TV sports channels.

History of Speed Car Racing:

Speed car racing began in France in 1895.  Likewise, a car race demo was held in Illinois, the USA in November 1895. Gradually, it gained in popularity all over the world. By 1950s sports car racing became even more appealing. By the 1980s, these were televised. From 1990s speed car racing was rated as one of the most important spectator sports in the world.

The Excitement of Speed Car Racing
The Excitement of Speed Car Racing

Main Types of Speed Car Racing

Formula One

Formula One is one of the most important speed car racing championships. It takes place in different countries across the world. These races are more popularly known as called Grand Prix. The car involved is a single-seat model with exposed wheels. It is constructed with special features for high speed and durance. Such races are held in special tracks meant for formula racing. The most famous F1 racing event is the Monaco Grand Prix.

Indy Cars Racing

Indy cars racing takes place on oval tracks with two to four curved and banked lanes. These have only left-hand turns. The road courses of courses have both left and right-hand turns.

Sports Car racing

In this form of racing, cars combine features of racing cars and touring cars. These cars usually have two-seats. They are built t move fast on even ordinary roads. This type of race is generally for amateur drivers. The FIA World Endurance Championship is the main championship series for sports car racing.

The Excitement of Speed Car Racing
The Excitement of Speed Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing is quite popular in the USA and uses production cars with special specifications. It happens on oval tracks, in series of laps. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the main governing body.

Drag Racing

Drag racing is a straight forward racing contest conducted on streets or short distance tracks. This involves racing stunt called dragging. Cars used may be normal cars or customized ones. The goal is to start from rest and accelerate as quickly as possible. The track is usually 200 meters or 400 meters long.


This type of racing involves normally produced cars. Rallying is held on public roads closed to the public during the event, or off-road areas. The race is to adapt to roads in different challenging terrain and weather conditions. Racers usually drive from one point to other and their timings are recorded.


Whatever be the form it takes. Speed car racing is an adventure sport for the drivers and the teams. It is also an exciting sport to watch on the tracks or live on TV. The popularity of this thrilling sport is bound to grow in the days ahead.

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