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Car Cleaning Brush: Even Formula 1 People Need It

Know about a A microfiber car cleaning brush.

Car Racing Games- The Essentials Of It

Car Racing Games- The Essentials Of It

Check out this cool formula one racing cap.

Racing Earplugs That Professional Racers Use

Car racing is not just a fast sport. It is also very loud. The mechanics who built the machines use in the cars don’t bother making it silent. All that they wanted is for it to be super powerful. And oftentimes, the louder the machine screams, the more power it produces.

This is the reason why, as a racer, you need to protect your ears. You should know by now that your helmet is not enough to drown the sound of the engine. You need something that i s specially designed to keep your ears safe like racing earplugs. There are a lot of earplugs in the market claiming to be the best. We have chosen two for you that is absolutely worth your money.

Monaco Grand Prix Facts That Are Pretty Cool

Monaco Grand Prix Facts That Are Pretty Cool

All Formula One race aficionados dream to witness the Monaco Grand Prix someday. It is the most anticipated of all the F1 races in the world. Since 1929, the best drivers and the most glamorous people gather here to express their love for the sport. It is an prestigious event in it self.

If you haven’t took part of this event yet, then we know you will enjoy these cool Monaco Grand Prix facts we have collected for you.

7 Worst Formula One Records No One Wants To Break

7 Worst Formula One Records No One Wants To Break

A list of the worst records will not be complete without this one that Pastor Maldonado holds. His track shenanigans made him pretty hot to the eye of the officiating body. There is even the talk that he was so frequent in the stewards office that the already has his own chair there. To make things worse, he also holds the most penalties in a season- 10 in 2014. And also most in the single race when he managed to get three during the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Here’s How You Can Become An F1 Racer

Here's How You Can Become An F1 Racer

F1 racing is a highly competitive sport. To become a driver for these teams you need to be the best of the best when it comes to driving super fast cars. If you aspire to become an F1 driver, it is actually not impossible. That is if you are willing to dedicate a big chunk of your life in training to be one. This is actually how the legendary drivers have done it. And if you are serious, it is the same path that you can take too.

So, here’s a guide on how you can increase your chances in becoming a professional F1 racer.

Learn to drive like a pro

The first thing that you have to do is to take same car racing classes. Getting into a racing school is a great way to know if you are quite cut out to make it big in this sport. By taking these classes, you will know if you have the skills to drive a super fast car manually to its full potential.

If you have discovered that you are racer material, your next step would be to enroll in a racing program to get your racer’s license. These type of program teaches you advanced driving skills that will take you to the next step.

Climbing the ranks

Once you have your license, you can now start joining races. If you are still young, it is actually advised that you start with kart racing first. This type of race is a great way for you to showcase your skills as well as to hone them. There are a lot of organizations there than will give you the chance to race. It is pretty much an entry level sport but it is a great platform to slowly climb up to more serious races.

Time to get your F1 license

If you are really passionate about becoming an F1 racer, complying the 2 years of junior single seat racing events will be easy. Once you have completed this you set to get your professional racer’s license. You can then start to join bigger race series to get closer to the bigger events. By this time you already have proven that you have what it takes to compete in a serious contests.

Drive for an F1 team

If you keep on winning minor races, chances are you are going to get the attention of an F1 team. This is how the journey of a professional driver normally begins. So, if you are in the amateur stage, you need to do your best every race. Oftentimes, these teams have sponsors that shell out large amounts of money. This is the time when you are really start to cash in with your passion.

Well, there is also this other way that only people with deep pockets can do. That is to pay an F1 team to make you a driver. One of the greatest in the history of F1 racing, Niki Lauda, actually did this. He had so much confidence in his skills and he was so passionate about the sport that he was willing to take the risk. It all turned out well for him in the end.

Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era

Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era

People who follow the F1 Championship closely predict that Bianchi will become a champion in the future. He got his big break when Raikonnen suffered some injuries at Silverstone. With everyone’s surprised, he instantly became the fastest man out there once he stepped in the Ferrari. He on a solid path to become of the the greatest of all time.

7 Greatest Formula One Cars Of All Time

7 Greatest Formula One Cars Of All Time

We have saved the best for last. The McLaren MP4/4 is the most dominant car in the history of Formula One. This was the car used by Ayton Senna to make history. During the 1988 season, Senna won 15 out of the 16 races that year. Aside from that, it also got 199 points in the Constructor’s Championship. This was pretty impressive because that score was 3 times higher than the next best team.

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