Super Bike Racing – Essential Facts And Tips At Your Disposal

Super Bike Racing

If you are a motorbike person, super bike racing might thrill you, but only some people know that this race is not just a joy ride. It is organized by the superbike manufacturers so that they can feature their superbikes. This race is also held with the motto that the winning superbike is going to be a hit in the market. It is the best idea to promote their motorbikes.

Here are some facts about super bike racing.

Super bike racing was initiated in 1988. It was a series of motorbike road racing. In 2019, the ten-lap sprint race was added to the basic race. In this race, the rider has to complete two full-length races in each round. The winner is announced after combining the results of all three rounds.

Essentials Of Superbike Racing

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Model Of The Bike For Superbike Racing

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To be a part of superbike racing, you should have a particular bike model. You can have some standard changes in the allowed model but it must look the same by every angle and have an unmodified frame. Hence, it is not that you can’t make any changes to your model. You can also modify the diameter and size of tires, brakes, rare view mirror, suspension, and even your riding seat.


The engine power should not change. The capacity of the engine must be between 850 ccs and 1200cc. This is for v-twin engines. It should be 750cc to 1000cc for 4stroke, and 4 cylinders. Without these engines’ capacity, your bike will not be allowed for superbike racing.

Racing Rules

The race starts with 15 riders. Their rank is decided based on the time taken to complete the lap in the first session. The second session comes up with 12 riders and 9 riders are left till the final session. The winner has to set a minimum time record. Including 7 minutes brake time, all sessions have 12 minutes for covering a distance of 90km-11km.

Super Bike Racing Tips

Focused Eyes

The wide vision will help you in managing speed on the corners. It is a must that you have a focused vision for corners as the racing track is trickiest on the curves. Well trained eyes can have an absolute grip on the track. If you lose your vision, there are more chances that you will get hit by the turning point.

Balancing Your Body

As the racing track has curves and corners, you should know proper body positioning. It helps you to ride through the curves smoothly. For maintaining the body balance, you can maintain the posture such that you are kissing the mirror, eyes be should up, knees should be digging into the tank, bodyweight should be on the side which you are turning. While practicing all these exercises, you should go at a slow speed.


Super bike racing is thrilling. If you have a passion for bikes, you can consider getting the guidance of experts before starting to ride the bike. they experts will give you the best tips so that you can live your passion safely.

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