Street Bike Racing Game And Reality – Learn The Difference

Street Bike Racing

Street bike racing is a popular biking sport that has become quite common, especially among the younger generation. Youth bring out their bikes on the roads and perform a high-speed racing action by showing various stunts. The people who are passionate about bulky engines and love to ride bikes bring their racing skills into action during street racing. Street bike racing attracts a large population of racing lovers from all across the world to a common ground. This part deals with different street bike racing events as well as games. Street bike racing is a passionate sport for racing enthusiasts who love to perform stunts using their bikes.

Stunts Can Be Risky And Dangerous As Well

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Various stunts performed by the youngsters are risky as well. These stunts include wheelie, drifts, drags, back-wheelie, and stoppie, which pose a threat to the lives of the riders and the people on the road. Street racing has also been a headache for the traffic regulating bodies as well as the other public. The bikers usually modify their bikes and change the exhaust that generated a loud, irritating noise. Some riders are arrogant and rude while they are driving on the streets that create trouble for the other commuters. Many stunts can be deadly and also lead to severe accidents or mishaps. Many youngsters die in road accidents every day due to these kinds of unofficial racing events.

Few Popular Street Bike Racing games

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1.) Traffic rider-

This game is a bike racing game full of action and fun, and also it has a user-friendly interface with smooth graphics and stereo sound. It works well on both Android as well as iOS devices.

2.) Real Moto-

This multiplayer racing game observes over 10 million downloads, has four unique highways and features heavy graphics. This game is available on Playstore as well as the Apple store.

3.) MotoGP 2019-

This game observes the best compatibility with satisfying and smooth graphics. This game comprises tournaments and playing online with your friends.

Well we cannot deny the fact that street bike racing do have its pros and cons. Let us take a brief look at a few advantages first after which field learn the disadvantages.

1.) They give better power and high speed with the help of powerful engines.

2.) The designs of sports bikes are unique and perfect for racing.

3.) Modifications can be done in the Sports bikes to enhance their features as per the riders’ requirements.


1.) The initial cost of buying sports bikes is too high, and they require high maintenance for smooth functioning.

2.) These heavy bikes can be uncomfortable for long journeys due to their designs and position available for sitting.

3.) Sports bikes delight the thieves as they hunt and steal these bikes and sell their parts and make money.


Illegal and deadly bike racing can cause harm to the lives of the riders. Street racing is a platform for racing enthusiasts to present their expertise and skills in bike racing. It is good to express your talent, but it should be in a safe manner.

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