Speed And F1 Racing A Deadly Combination

F1 Racing Magazine

F1 racing is one such destination where people enjoy speed and the competition among the racing participants. F1 is the abbreviation of; Formula One; the word formula here means that whosoever wants to participate in F1 racing should follow specific rules put up by the respected team of F1 racing. F1 racing is currently known as GP racing. It is prevalent worldwide, probably because everyone loves competition, especially if it is racing. F1 racing started around the 1920s with the European Championship of Grand Prix motor racing. Well, the first race for the world championship happened in the United Kingdom. F1 racing, by definition, talks about being an international event where competitors indulge in auto racing or single-seater racing cars. One must also remember that these racing cars taking part in F1 racing is the fastest so far.

F1Racing Magazine And Details

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F1 racing magazine details and a slight glimpse of its story of initiation, development, and success are discussed here. F1 racing magazine or GP racing magazine is this monthly issued magazine that gives the details about Formula One racing. The first F1 magazine was issued in 1996 by UK publishers. The company that published the magazine was Haymarket in the UK. This F1 racing magazine is based in London. In July 2005, F1 racing magazine celebrated its 100th issue. Today it sells the magazines to 20 countries and has received the title " The world’s best-selling magazine. In due course of Several esteemed editors took up the job of editing the F1 racing magazine. A few of those prominent editors who gave their best are Matt Bishop, Anthony Rowlinson, etc. The editors and several journalists and photographers have contributed to the magazine like Mr. Peter Windsor, Mr. Alan Henry, etc. They all have given their best to the magazine they could. Even a couple of photographers are a part of it in providing the magazine the best clicks—one of the famous photographers of that time, Mr. Darren Heath, also was a part of the magazine making. Hence there are no second thoughts as to why the magazine came out so well!


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Therefore I would like to conclude that the F1 racing magazine was and is always the favorite of most people. The magazine was the most awaited thing for many youngsters at the end of the month. This F1 racing magazine has shown the world how talented and dedicated people can be when it comes to their passion. What is astonishing is that this magazine gave information about F1 racing and filled youngsters with a motive to drive their lives with that speed! In the end, F1 racing magazine will be loved forever and will remain the best thing to be inspired for the youth. However it is the great delight for speed lovers to read about in the F1 Racing magazine.

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