Sounds Of Racecar Engine Performance, Strategy

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Racecar sounds tell much about the engine of the car. They also display the car engine’s performance too much extent. Moreover, race car sounds show us the driver’s driving technique and the winning strategy that the racing team follows. It is fascinating to know that a pure engine sound gives so much information about the car and the driver.

Technique Of Analysing The Sound

Sounds Of Race Cars, Engine Performance, And Racing Strategy
Sounds Of Race Cars, Engine Performance, And Racing Strategy

Ohio State University engineers have found a unique method of racecar sounds. The computer analyses the pitch of the sound and finds out the required information from it. We can use the same technique to analyze the sounds of other devices, such as plant turbines, heavy pieces of machinery, etc.

Giorgio Rizzoni

Director of the Ohio State’s Center for Automotive Research is Giorgio Rizzoni. He researched along with Yann Guezennec and Matthew Barga. According to them, people give much importance to the technical part of the racing. Racing teams use costly equipment to analyze the performance of their team, along with their competitor’s group. It is not easy to bring out valuable information from the engine’s noise.  According to them, the car sounds pass through multiple pitches at a given time, which makes it challenging to analyze the sound. So it is essential to simplify the noise to a single thing.


Sounds Of Race Cars, Engine Performance, And Racing Strategy
Sounds Of Race Cars, Engine Performance, And Racing Strategy

Ohio engineers found ways to deduce the car’s instantaneous speed and trajectory from the frequency of racecar sounds. Speed and trajectory will help them to find out about the engine capability, the strategy of the racing team, and the pattern of change of gear by the driver of the car. Another characteristic that Ohio engineers deducted was the Gear ratio. Gear ratio speaks about the gear performance of a vehicle. It is crucial to analyze the gear ratio of a racing car.

Racecar Sounds: Navy Technology

Rizzoni stated that the navy uses a similar kind of technique to deduce the pattern of sounds underwater and the enemy’s moves. According to him, the Ohio engineers have advanced that technology to a higher level, which is more efficient and inexpensive as compared to the technology used by the navy.

As Rizzoni said, it is difficult to go through every part of large turbines to examine them. But the superior technology will reduce the effort by a greater amount. We can use the same technique to analyze the recorded sound of any device.

Racecar Sounds: Conclusion

It is interesting to know that racecar sounds can speak so much about the car and its driver. Shortly, we can use this technique in the other armed forces to detect the enemy’s moves. Engineers can also use it to analyze Formula 1 Racing. Moreover, it will help to find out information from two cars that never have raced together and then predict the better of them both. It will be more convenient to race in this way. It is not about cars and drivers always. What matters the most is a proper analysis of the engine of the vehicle. Significant racing teams will undoubtedly use this technology soon.

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