Safety Tips For Kids Racing Dirt Bikes

kids racing dirt bike

Kids racing dirt bikes are a great way for your kids to get into shape and get the extra exercise they need. While you might not be able to keep up with them in a real street bike race, you can provide a fun, safe alternative to real racing. They will be getting lots of speed from a smaller engine and will be able to ride further and farther before you have to change gears! This is a wonderful skill to develop and one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. There are plenty of kids racing dirt bikes but here are a few things to look for when shopping for your kid’s next bike.

Back Wheel

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Find out if the bike has a back wheel that is able to flip over. Many dirt bikes, especially the more expensive models, do not have this ability built-in. Make sure the bike has a handlebar that is comfortable for your child. Children are often nervous about sitting on a bike they are not familiar with. If your child feels very comfortable, then they will love riding the bike.


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Check the bike for proper braking. Kids racing bicycles do not always have the same braking capabilities as a bicycle. This can make it difficult for your child to learn how to control the bike and can lead to accidents if brakes are not correctly applied. Make sure the bike has a brake that is appropriate for your child’s age and makes sure that you check all of the components to make sure they are in proper working order.


When selecting a bike for your child, consider safety first. Choose a bike with a lower profile and wider handlebars to help your child sit securely while they are riding. The bars should be wide enough so that they can grasp the handlebars with ease but not too wide so that they can lose control. Check for safety stickers on the bike and make sure your child wears a helmet. It is recommended that children start riding only in a helmet.

Safety Gears

Safety goggles and gloves are also a good idea to wear while riding. These items will protect your child against flying dirt, small rocks, and other road debris. Make sure your child wears them properly. For instance, if the helmet covers the entire head, make sure there is not a gap between the helmet and the hair. This could lead to a head injury. It is important that your child has their hands and legs covered at all times during their ride. This helps to prevent cuts to the leg or hand as well as cuts to the skin. If they have to, have a friend or neighbour to help them cover themselves during their time on the bike.

If your child is younger than 10 years old, make sure to let them ride on a narrow ramp to make sure they do not put themselves in any danger. It is very tempting to want to go faster once you are on a bike, but this could result in your child hitting something. Also, it is imperative that your child wears a seat belt. This is very important especially if your child is racing.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have read this article, you should know more about the safety aspect of racing dirt bikes with your kids. Make sure you take the time to check out the various gear that is available for them. By doing so, you will be ensuring the best experience possible for them.

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