Provide a Quality Inductive Hour Meter in Multi Colors Available to Record a Reliability Data!

Inductive Hour meters are mounted onto the engine to calculate the elapsed time and it usually gives a recorded data reading of the running hours of the machine. They are used in a wide number of fields. It is usually an off-highway instrument but has other uses. It is also used in medical devices. The data provided by these hour meters can be reliable as well as helpful in several aspects. 

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About the Hour Meter 

A non-magnetic and electrically-conductive aluminium metal disc revolves in a magnetic field inside the meter. The rotation happens once the machine is powered and the speed is proportional to the power that is flowing through the meter. The gear trains rotate to produce this power and the meter counts the number of revolutions and the energy used to do so to give an accurate reading to the wattage usage.

Some hour meters are waterproof and can easily calculate the track duration of various vehicle parts like spark plugs and adjustments. They can easily monitor the lapses during the duration of training or driving time. The automotive hour meter comes in various options along with a cable and screws to mount it to the device that needs its hours to be calculated. The LCD display flashes the hours elapsed and records the running time of the machine accurately.

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Pros of the Hour Meter 

Electromechanical Energy Meter has a simple construction. It provides accurate and precise measurement. It is reliable and low cost. It is more robust. The hour meter helps in improved quality when it comes to electrical distribution. It is highly accurate. Does not require frequent readings to calculate monthly bills. It has high efficiency. If the hour meter is magnetic, it will save electricity. Electric meters display the power usage on the on a LED or LCD screen. Being waterproof it can be mounted on any device or vehicle. Stores previous value along with time and date of usage.

Cons of the Hour Meter 

There are no specific cons, however, the intermittent hour’s meters are more expensive. There is more electricity usage. It can tamper if a magnet is attached to the outside. Capacitance and Inductive load can lead to a reduction in motor speed.


The hour meter will not only save resources but also electricity. It is an accurate device to measure and calculate power usage and also allows to estimate cost and expenditure effectively. Hour meters on rent can charge by the day or hours when it comes to an elapsed hour time. Continuous meter hours are used to monitor data service, maintenance timelines and warranty information. It is also used to monitor water supply by municipalities and factory equipment. 

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