Pros and Cons of Slot Car Racing Sets

slot car racing sets

When you have a child, you will want to start teaching them about the fun of playing slot car racing games. The best part about this is that with your help, they can learn while having fun. It is important to start teaching them about cars early so that they will enjoy playing as they grow older and their interest grows. The following are some fun ideas for the car racing games that your kids may enjoy playing.

A Few Examples Of Car Racing Gaming Sets

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Anki Turbo Fast and Furious Edition. This is a fun version of a drag racing game. Each participant is a professional NASCAR racer who starts out on a slow lap and has three minutes to get around the track while using the various boosts available to him to get by traffic. When time runs out, the racers who can still make it to the finish line first are the ones who win.

Micro Machines Extreme Races. Three simple slots are laid out on the screen in front of the player. The goal is to increase the amount of credits collected by simply winning the amount of spins. A standard stick-man controls the cars and the points are scored by the size of the racers’ bet.

Wide Range Play. All three of the slot car racing sets include a wide range of track designs so there will be a good assortment of layouts for players to pick from. There are a total of nine layouts in all. Each layout includes two types of layouts. The first type of layout is a straight track design where all the cars pass through exactly in the same path. The second one is a circular track design where each vehicle needs to make turns.

The Features

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One of the unique features that makes the slot car track racing sets interesting is the inclusion of a wide variety of curves. The curve feature allows the players to create a very complex layout through the use of curves. A wide range of curves and twists can be incorporated into the tracks in order to increase the excitement level of the racing game.

Video Game Clues. In some variants of the slot car racing competition, the player has the option to get hints with every spin. This means that a player can have more opportunities to find out more information about the particular layout. This will help them improve their strategy when playing the slot game competition.

Easy To Use. Some versions of the slot car race track setup include an easy to use installation process that is very easy to follow. The toy versions do not include any instructions in the manual that accompanies the set. The pros and cons of using these installation guides will vary depending on the individual child.

Other Things You Need To Know

Value For Money. An average slot car set comes with cars costing $25 each. The pros and cons of getting more expensive and rarer cars in the set will vary on the basis of the child’s interest. A large number of kids may find it suitable to get a set containing rarer and expensive cars for playing on a regular basis.

Easy To Use Handheld Controls. Most racing game systems today come with a range of popular racing game controllers. These include steering wheels, ramps, mirrors and A-B-C steering. Many of these controllers are easy to use even for children who are not very adept with electronic gadgets. This makes it easier for smaller kids to learn how to operate these features.

Limited Space For Cars. Slot car racing games generally have very small play spaces. One interesting fact is that these play spaces are restricted by the space available in the playing room. A big floor plan must be provided for racing games as these tracks have limited space.

Price Range. The price range for most of the slot machines has decreased over the years. Today, a racing game machine manufactured by one of the top manufacturers in the world can cost you around $200. A decent track set slot car set, on the other hand, can cost you more than that.

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