Motor Racings – All You Need To Know About It

Motor Racing – All You Need To Know About It

Motor racings is easily one of the most amazing and most popular sports in the world. The word is enough for hard-core racers and racing enthusiasts to get their nerves wrecking. If you are also a racing enthusiast or dream of taking part in motor racing one day, this article is for only for you as we cover all the basics and more about the sport.

To begin with, before we talk about how to prepare for the sport, let us get introduced to it and know about its existence. Read on to know more.

What Is Motor Racings?

Motor Racing – All You Need To Know About It
Motor Racing – All You Need To Know About It

This game has been in existence ever since the motor vehicles were first invented. It is a sport that requires the involvement of automobiles for the competition. The participant of the motor racing game drives the vehicle and competes with other participants to cross the finish line first. The first one to cross the finish lines emerges the ultimate winner.

The sports sounds easy, right? But, the sport is easily among the most difficult sports in the world. For various reasons. It is because it requires the involvement of automobiles. And it is a known fact that in every game where automobiles are involved, dangers are always present, as the vehicles might collide with each other and meet accidents causing injuries to drivers.

Motor Racings History

As far as the records go, this sport came into existence as early as around 1867. In other words, it is shortly after the first automobile vehicles were invented. When the first racing event was organized it included regular low capacity commercial vehicles that are used by civilians.

Special racing cars meant only for tracks were not developed till the 1930s. Thereafter, the racers preferred racing cars over regular cars and it became its norm.

Types Of Racing

Now that you know a bit of racing history, let us know the different types of racing events that are held across the world.

Drag Racing

This is the shortest form of racing. Here, you are required to reach the finish point in the shortest time possible. The distance is usually 400 meters or sometimes even 200 meters. It has become a popular sport since the 1990s.

This race is unlike other races because your competitor may or may not race with you at the same time. The competitors can do it at different times but the one to complete it in the shortest time emerges the winner.

Touring Car Racing

Motor Racing – All You Need To Know About It
Motor Racing – All You Need To Know About It

This is one of the most popular forms of racing in the world. It involves regular production cars slightly modified to suit racing needs.

Sports Car Motor Racings

This is a closed-circuit racing that involves pure-play sports cars and cars compete with other cars in their class and segments.

Production Car Racing

This form of racing involves stock cars from showrooms that are not modified. That means the regular cars that are available for civilians to drive. The participants are required to compete with other cars in the same class.


There are different forms of motor racing events existing ever since the invention of automobiles. I hope this article will help you understand the sport better. Let me know your thoughts below.

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