Moto Racer- The Best PC Game


Moto Racer – Driving a car or a bike is an exciting thing to do. Many people enjoy driving on clear roads. However, city life does not give you such privileges as the traffic is insane. You either have to go on a highway or to the countryside. Although, it is still challenging to race on standard tracks.

Therefore, people who love racing can find hope in the virtual world. There is one game known as the Moto racer. It is basically an arcade style motor racing game which will fill you with an adrenaline rush. The game is developed by the popular Delphine Software International. Electronic Arts published it for Windows and PlayStation both.  

Gameplay Of Moto Racer

The game is exciting because you can either race on a street bike or a motocross bike. It depends on the track that you choose in the game. The amusing part is that Moto Racer features 8 different tracks. Besides that, 4 tracks out of 8 are unlockable.

It provides with a multi-player option too. You will have to compete over a LAN or the same internet connection on the PC. You can consider playing it on the split screen version on the PlayStation too.

Moto Racer is considered as a classic game because of its super light fast bike racing with motor cross events. The game is also popular among youngsters because of its vivid graphics and two driving models consisting of stimulation and arcade.

Moto Racer- The Best PC Game
Moto Racer- The Best PC Game

Features Of Moto Racer

The game provides with a broad selection of motorcycles too. These bikes are super expensive to purchase in real life. However, with Motor Racer, you can fulfill your dream of driving a luxury bike as well. Although it is virtual, the effects and backdrops in the game make it look real.

The game is so addictive that you will not have enough of it. It also contains a single player mode. The mode has two different levels, which are known as the “Time Attack” and “Championship.” A player can almost cover eight laps in the practice race.

Moto Racer also contains some cheat codes which adds to the depth of the game. Certain codes will reverse the track while some codes will provide you with small bikes. A lot of interesting factors have been added by the makers of the game.

The tracks of the games are also created on beautiful pathways. Some go through the mountains while some go through the beach. Some paths also go through the amusement parks. It is a delight to drive on such tracks.

Moto Racer has had a lot of different versions to it. Although, the users still love the original version of the game. It was and, is still the most popular PC game.

Moto Racer- The Best PC Game
Moto Racer- The Best PC Game


Moto Racer invokes childhood memories in many people. Although, mobile games have become popular as compared to PC games. However, Moto racer has till been unbeatable. The gameplay and visual effects are the best. The developers are planning to launch new versions with bug fixes.    

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