Mario Kart Racing Game- Winning Is Easy

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Do you feel like everyone has been talking about the Mario kart game? It is one of the most trending games that you can ever come across, and if you have the mind to play it, there is no reason why you should not. But if you are a complete beginner in gaming, you should need some time to master the basics. You will need to have control over the tuning, and then only you will be able to level up. This game has been downloaded 20 million times, and there are numerous positive reviews about it. Do not worry because we are going to help you with beginner tips, and you can get down on your road to success. 

Control Handling

A close up of a toy

The best part about the game is that there are not many controls, and it is easy to understand them. You have the power saving mode, which will help your phone or device save power even while gaming. There is a manual drift control method, and you just have to touch the screen to start with the drifting process. In addition to that, there is a smart steering option as well as an auto item and not to forget the gyro handling. You can take control over the settings and check out how much volume you need. If you do not meet background music, you can always put it off. 

In the Mario cards tour, you will be able to get different control options. To a few races, you should not have any problem gaining control over the same. If you feel like the game is too slow, it is always an excellent option to go for a speed boost. You will be able to receive some steering assistants, and it will keep your cart on a track. 

Pick Out The Best Characters And Karts.

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You are gaining there are numerous characters that you can buy and several karts too. Whenever you select a race, you can reach out to three items and collect them in the item box. Karts and parachutes will help in improving your bonus points as well as your combo points. 

Learning The Maps

The Mario kart race will never be fun if you do not know the way to the maps. You should be able to complete each and every quest and make sure that you know how the maps are. Each map will give you a different scenario, and you should have complete control over your cart. It would be best if you focused on improving the knowledge about the courses so that there is a significant improvement in the performance. Take the time to learn the game, and you will be able to win the race in no time. 


If you want to monetize your channel, there are several ways to do it. Learn how monetization works in Mario kart tour, and you will be able to make it work. It is a fun game, to begin with, and being a complete beginner should not stop you from playing this.

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