Legends Car Racing Around The World

Legends Car Racing

Legends car racing is a family-oriented style of motor car racing modeled primarily to facilitate exciting racing which is cost-effective and accessible to everyone. It provides people with not just a fun, exciting, and economical form of racing but also with a suitable level playing field. 

Today, the Legend cars are one of the fastest-growing sectors of motorsports. They are a “spec” series of sports cars with all cars mechanically equivalent, although the Standard Coupe, 34 Coupe, and Sedan cars have 10 types of body styles which are the only exceptions. New cars are presently offered with 7 body styles and used cars with older styles. The body shells of these cars are ⅝- scale models of the American automobiles from the ’30s and ’40s powered by Yamaha motorcycle engines. The worldwide authorizing body for Legends car racing is INEX. 


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The concept of providing lower-cost racing cars with little maintenance cost and time was recognized by Charlotte Motor Speedway officials who wanted to create a fun and accessible “spec” class of racing open to everyone at all levels in 1992. These officials discovered that such cars existed which were similarly identical with the motorcycle-engined dwarf cars manufactured by the Dwarf Car Company in Phoenix, Arizona. Although the sports car concept was not precisely in line with what they wanted – the deeming steel replacement bodywork was too expensive so they modified the Dwarf Cars concept to suit their needs by creating cars resembling those of the ’30s and ’40s which participated in the early NASCAR modified tour races. The first Legend Car was revealed in April 1922 by Humphy Wheeler and Elliot Forbes Robinson.

Participating Countries in the Legend Car Race.

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The Legend cars originated in the US and are manufactured by US Legend cars International in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Although Canada, England, and Scotland also host championships, the world finals are held in the US every November.

Legends Car Divisions.

  • YOUNG LIONS: It is the most novice Legend, car division. The drivers are between the ages of 12-15 years. 

Young Lions drivers include Ryan Rackley, Bryson Ruff.

  • SEMI-PRO: In this division, no prior knowledge is mandatory but beginners may be expected to compete in consolation, B mains, or start in the rear of the field. It is designed for drivers between the ages of 16 years and above.
  • MASTERS: The drivers in this division are 40 years of age and those over 50 years included in the Masters class take the  “Golden Masters Division”.
  • PRO (Expert class): It is designed for competent drivers. The drivers must have competed in other aspects of professional motorsports or must have competed in any of the other divisions in the Legends car series.

Legends Car Sponsors.

Some of the Legend car sponsors are:

  • Briggs and Stratton
  • Wix filters
  • Set rab
  • Steel and stock car Aluminum Inc
  • Safety Kleen.


The concept adopted for this car racing which is open for different classes of individuals to participate in is quite fascinating. The aims and objectives have always been to devise a fun and inexpensive class of racing cars for everyone to take part in and this we see fully achieved with more and more modifications implemented.

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