Learn About Latest F1 News

Learn About Latest F1 News

There are many changes occur in F1 racing cars. Here in this article, detailed F1 news is given to understand the new rules.

New Front Wing

To help to pursue drivers pursue the vehicle in front more intently and thusly increment the likelihood of overtaking. Complex endplates that outwash wind stream around the front tires are prohibited.

The wing’s additional stature further improves its capacity and makes it less delicate to slow down. So drivers are more reluctant to all of a suddenly loose front-end hold when they close up on another vehicle.

New Barge F1 News Boards

To make them less amazing and less efficiently troublesome. This eventually helps make the stream falling off the back of the vehicle less risky for following drivers, which means they ought to have the option to draw nearer to the vehicle in front.

Learn About Latest F1 News
Learn About Latest F1 News

F1 News – New Rear Wing

Like the front wing, to help advance much nearer hustling. Joined with a width increment of 100mm, the bigger wing gets together makes a greater gap noticeable all around – to the advantage of vehicles attempting to slipstream behind.

New Brake Ducts

To diminish the streamlined misuse of brake conduits. Confinements on complex structures mean less surface region for aerodynamicists to play with. The change additionally implies less downforce decrease when that territory of the vehicle is in bothering air.

Changed Tire Colors

To make understanding technique simpler for fans, the terms hypersoft, ultrasoft and supersoft have been entrusted to the history books. Presently every Grand Prix will include basically a white-stamped hard tire, a yellow-checked medium, and a red-stamped delicate.

Biometric Gloves

To build wellbeing and help encourage medicinal salvage. The gloves – created by the FIA Safety Department. They transmit that possibly life-sparing information back to the at-track medicinal group, previously, amid and after an accident.

Back Wing Endplate Lights

To build permeability of autos in poor climate conditions, and thus improve wellbeing. Just as the conventional back focal light, vehicles should likewise have an extra LED light on each back wing endplate. These must be lit up consistently when a driver is utilizing the middle of the road or wet-climate tires.

F1 News – Many Strong Helmets

This is one of the top F1 news. To give F1 wellbeing another jump advances. The front of the visor has been brought by 10mm down to lessen the dangers.

F1 News – Vehicle And Driver Weight

So that heavier drivers are never again impeded by the weight guidelines. The base load of the vehicle, without fuel, has gone up marginally from 733kg to 740kg. Lighter drivers can convey themselves up to the 80kg edge by including counterweight. Yet essentially this stabilizer must be situated in the prompt cockpit territory and can’t be utilized somewhere else on the vehicle to help improve its equalization.


Cars will never again be scrutinized in the customary sense toward the beginning of the Grand Prix weekend. Rather, contenders must sign a revelation that they are in consistency with the principles. And, obviously, the stewards can make arbitrary checks whenever.

Learn About Latest F1 News
Learn About Latest F1 News

End-of-race Signal:

The conventional checkered banner still appears well. However, the official end-of-race signal is presently a checkered light board at the end goal.

F1 News – Mirror Modes:

Small changes to the mirror guidelines in light of the bigger back wing. So as to keep up sufficient back view permeability and wellbeing.

Gotten on Camera:

The onboard camera guidelines have been adjusted to improve the TV display.

Toeing the Line:

 Overtaking on race restarts isn’t permitted until a driver has crossed the end goal.

Hope this article related to F1 news will be helpful for the one who is interested in racing.

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