Know Everything About The Functionality Of An F1 Racing Suit

A person riding a motorcycle on a track

Right from the beginning of motorsport racing, specific clothing was set for the drivers. Over the years, the shape of racewear has changed significantly keeping in mind the challenges and dangers of driving. Hence, a lot of factors come under consideration before designing an f1 racing suit. Nevertheless, the driving suit is made keeping in mind the comfortability of the drivers along with the required protection.It can be complex overall and hence it is important to know everything about it. 


A person riding a motorcycle on a city street

The F1 racing suit can give the driver an optimum level of comfort. In fact, it has been made in such a way so that the driver can feel the steering and the pedals easily. The suit isn’t that heavy because it won’t stretch every time the driver does some stretching. Importantly, special care has been taken to control the issue of heat stress.


A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

In F1 car racing, fire is considered to be the greatest danger. Because of this, even the helmet and the neck protection of the HANS device require impact protection. Since the 60s, the f1 racing suit hasn’t changed much. The overall racewear covers the driver race suit, fireproof underwear, gloves, helmet and boot. However, the latest suit is very much superior in terms of both fire protection and comfort.

FIA Regulations

The FIA safety department is entrusted with the task of overlooking the regulations, development in technology and accidents. Hence, the F1 racing outfit is prepared on the regulations set by the FIA. The latest regulations were updated in 2018 and that has added a good number of suffixes to every regulation. These regulations are first applied to F1 racing and then to junior-level racing.  


The safety aspects of the f1 racing suit are given the foremost priority. It is made of Nomex or a fireproof material that was developed by Dupont. Interestingly, this material could supersede all the previous fireproof materials. The best part is that the material tended to be cotton but also remained effective for fireproof treatments. However, any sort of washing would lead to the suit losing its properties.


Present F1 racing suits are made with three layers of fabric so that they can pass the fire resistance test as prescribed by the FIA. This test is also applied to the seams and stretch panel just to prove that the entire suit gives the same level of protection as that of the main construction. However, the suits now come with an expiry date just to keep up with their safe service life.

Suiting The Driver’s Needs

Every f1 racing suit that is made now suits the needs of the driver. As a result, a well-fitting suit adds to the driver’s safety performance. Although the suit will reflect his size and shape, it will also match up with their comfort levels.

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