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The cruise switch is also referred to as a speech controlling device. The electrical gadget follows a servomechanism system that controls the speed of the vehicle. The cruise switch handles are made up of metal and standard plastic, which increases its durability. The electrical device takes information and inputs from the rotating driveshaft, speedometer, and wheel speed sensor of the automobile to control the moving vehicle’s velocity. The speed-controlling gadget pulls the throttle cables with a solenoid attached to the engine to maintain a constant desirable speed. 

Cruise Switch/Control Handle For Auto, Vehicles

While manufacturing the device, it is ensured that the cruise control handle must turn off if brakes are applied, or the clutch is used to prevent any accident. The product has a memory system that assures that it helps to resume the same speed after braking. The cruise control handle does not get destroyed even after long-term usage.

The device has a speed limiter function that does not permit the automobile to accelerate beyond a specific specified limit. It also has an adaptor that automatically reduces the speed of the vehicle connected with it if there is any obstacle in the front. The product is beneficial while driving on highways and superhighways as it helps the driver sit comfortably and drive without getting tired. 

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  • Material Type Mixture
  • Special Features Cruise control handle
  • Item Weight 0.12kg
  • Item Width 0cm
  • External Testing Certification CCC
  • Model Name For Opel Vauxhall Astra 2006-2012 Handle Switch Button
  • Item Type Switches
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  • The cruise control device helps to maintain the constant speed of the automobile.
  • The product is beneficial during long drives across highways and superhighways. 
  • The cruise control device is useful for maintaining the vehicle’s constant speed while driving in areas with speed limits. 
  • The product increases fuel efficiency.
  • The gadget is easy to hold and plug-in because of its light weight and elongated handle.
  • The cruise switch equipment is reliable as it does not get destroyed even after frequent use.
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  • Driving with cruise control handle devices in crowded areas is highly risky due to sudden changes in the traffic flow and possible acceleration and braking.
  • Sometimes, the drivers pay very little attention after switching on the cruise control handle for automobiles, leading to fatal accidents.
  • There can be an adverse effect of using cruise control devices in rough terrains and geographical areas. 


The cruise control handles for automobiles and vehicles are handy for decreasing fatigue and exhaustion while driving. They allow the drivers to sit comfortably while driving across highways and sparsely populated freeways. The product is beneficial to maintain desirable and permitted speed in areas with specified speed limits. The electrical gadget helps amplify fuel efficiency. 

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