Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era


Die-hard fans of F1 championship races know all the greatest names in this sport. They all know Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, and the rest. There is a group of young drivers who are working their way to get to the list of the elite. And by the looks of it, they can possibly get there.

Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era
Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era

Jenson Button

He might only have one World Championship title under his name, but at 34 years old, he still is a threat to the title. The only reason why he hasn’t won a title since 2012, was because of the internal problems in the Mclaren Team. Once they got it all ironed out, other teams know that they should watch out for him.

Valterri Bottas

Bottas had his best year so far in 2014 with Williams. Their attempts in bagging the title in the years after that have always fallen short though. But right now they are looking great and fully capable of getting good podium results. He has always performed great in every Grand Prix he joined in, and there is much confidence that he is going to dominate in the years to come.

Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era
Greatest F1 Championship Drivers Of The Modern Era

Kimmi Raikkonen

At some point, he was the most dominant F1 Championship driver of his era. During this time, he was able to win races for Ferrari, Mclaren, and Lotus with relative ease. He has been struggling recently though. And this has led fans to speculate that he has lost his passion for the sport. He was able to trump all these speculations by showing a stellar performance in the most recent Monaco Grand Prix.

Jules Bianchi

People who follow the F1 Championship closely predict that Bianchi will become a champion in the future. He got his big break when Raikonnen suffered some injuries at Silverstone. With everyone’s surprised, he instantly became the fastest man out there once he stepped in the Ferrari. He on a solid path to becoming of the greatest of all time.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel joined the ranks by winning four championships in total. A lot of people think that he is not that great. Though he is an excellent driver, he seemed to struggle with cars that are not to his liking. Well, that is pretty much the reason why engineers are there right? So, we do think Sebastian Vettel just deserves all the success he is reaping right now.

Nico Hulkenberg

He is one of those drivers who are not lucky enough to join top-tier teams but still is performing really well. Nico Hulkenberg has always carried pretty bad teams to score in every Grand Prix that he joined in. When the time comes that he gets the chance to have a stronger car under him, he will surely dominate the race.

Fernando Alonso

This guy is without a doubt one of the most solid drivers in F1 Championships today. To prove that, he has already had two titles and won 32 races in total. He is able to carry the Ferrari team during their problematic year in 2014. A lot of racing aficionados think that he is the most promising driver in Formula One right now. And we know a lot of people will agree to that.

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