Girls Car Racing- Top Women That You Must Know

girls car racing

Girls car racing is a field that has been dominated by men but in the recent years many women have also made a name for themselves in this field. They have played and won races and they have also become famous. Here are some women in girls car racing that you must know and these women are changing in the face of girls car racing by allowing other women to enter the space and make a name for themselves. These women are inspirations and have paved the way for others to come and conquer in this male dominated field.

Danica Patrick

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If you know about women in racing then you will not be surprised to find this name in the list. She is one of the most competitive drivers and she is an inspiration to many other female drivers as well. Danica is one of the most well known female drivers in the world that has been dominated by men. She started her racing career in 1988 and she was just 16 at that time. She has competed in some of the top car racing events in the world that include NASCAR and Indys. Danica is the only female to win the Indy and she had her best season in 2009 when she ranked fifth. She has also raced at Daytona which is a feat in itself.

Milka Duno

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Milka is one of the best racers that has been there when it comes to female drivers. She has a great record in Indy as well as in the ARCA racing tournaments. She has raced twice at the Le Mans which is a great feat and also competed in the competition that is held there. Milka has five class wins to her name from 2000 to 2004 and she finished the season at rank 2 in 2001. She started her racing after she turned 22 and she did not look back after that. Milka is one of the most famous female drivers and is also regarded as one of the best looking drivers because of heer stint as a model.

Simona De Silvestro

This female racer is from Switzerland and has a solid experience of 15 years that makes her distinguishable. Her first race was Formula Renault in the year 2005 and she raced in various tournaments before she finally competed in the IndyCar in 2010. She raced for Andretti Autosport in the Formula E which is great and amazing as well. Simona raced for Nissan for four seasons at the Supercar Championships in Australia and then she joined Weathertech Sportscar in the Daytona in the year 2019.


These are the top female car racing drivers that you must know about. In a sport that has been predominantly dominated by men these women are making a name for themselves and competing at an international level which is awesome. Some of these women are legends in their own right and they have made a name for themselves in this field of girls car racing.

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