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indy car racing schedule

The Indy Racing League’s parent company started in 1996 which was created by Tony George, the owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to compete with CART. CART changed their name to Champ Car, but previously their name was ‘IndyCar.’ They changed their name due to a series of lawsuits that had the proviso that Indy Racing League would not use ‘IndyCar.’ The CART’s successor and IndyCar Series merged in 2008, and the series is self-sanctioned INDYCAR, LLC, which is the parent company.

Reason For So Much Interest In IndyCar Racing Schedule – 

Car Racing

Things like racing always prove to be intriguing among most people, and cars fascinate them for the same reason. And this fascination is not limited to one place only but all the nations across the globe. And this sport does not have any demographic restrictions, which means that there is no bias in terms of class, creed, and gender. The interest is common, and hence everyone can love racing together. Moreover, there is no age factor here; senior citizens, as well as youth, may love it. The possibilities are endless. A lot of fans wait eagerly for the indy car racing schedule all over the year, which proves the huge fan base of this sport. Although, one of the main things that attracts people is the speed in the case of racing cars. It is a primal urge to be fascinated by something like that. Watching the speeding cars is quite intriguing in a life that can be considered mundane at large.

Some Facts About Race Cars – 

Car Racing

● The car costing: The basic version of an F1 car is priced at $7 million, and apart from that, there are many technologies and components which must be added to the car, which raises the price even higher

● High Fuel Consumption: The amount of fuel a race car consumes is more than a person could imagine. According to stats, a total of 105 kilograms of fuel is consumed in one race.

● The Cockpit Temperature: The temperature of the cockpit in which the drivers sit is close to 50 degrees Celsius, and it can rise even more depending upon the location of the race

The Most Famous Indy Car Race

The most famous race of the IndyCar Race Series is the Indianapolis 500, which was formerly known by the name of Indy 500. It is an annual race that takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This event is traditional, and it’s held over Memorial Day weekend, which is usually the weekend of May. The first inaugural race was won by Ray Harroun, which was held in 1911. The event’s 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2011. Due to World War I and World War II, the event was put on hiatus two times, from 1917 to 1918 and from 1942 to 1945.


Indy Racing has been a very old sport, and it has been entertaining people for a long time; and thrill and excitement never seem to fade, but it keeps on rising. After all these years, it is one of the most viewed and entertaining sports there is.

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