Get Another Shot At The Driving Game

angry bird racing car game

The game is played on a large round board that is divided into multiple levels. Each level has several objectives that must be completed before you move to the next level, and they are all timed so that you must move as quickly as possible to beat the game.

The first objective is to make it to the finishing line without colliding into a wall. The second objective is to get to the finish line as fast as possible. When you hit a wall in a level, your character will slow down and stay in that position. If you hit a moving object in such a way that it causes it to stop moving, you will crash into that moving object. Moving objects in the game include things like trees, hills, bridges, etc. The best way to advance to the next level is to make it through all the levels without touching any of the moving objects. Once you have passed each level, you move to the next one.

Tons Of Levels In This Game

A small bird perched on a tree branch

There are tons of levels in this game. For each level, you move to a new one with a time limit of around 5 seconds. If you do not time your move right, you can fail at the level. I found that in some of the later levels, there are power ups that make it so you don’t need to worry about hitting walls or other obstacles. Some of these power ups are useful for beating a particular amount of time on each level. These help you to advance to the next level more easily.

One of the best parts of this game is the ability to play with two players. Two players can race against each other in split-screen fashion and take on the entire screen in their own effort to be the first player to win the game. There are also split screen challenges where one person puts their car against that of the other in a head to head race. In these races, the track layout is completely changed and thus changes the playing experience for each player. They have to learn the track layout and play it correctly in order to win.

The Graphics And Sound Effects

A hummingbird flying in the sky

The graphics and sound effects are both very good. The cars that you race against are really not realistic to get a realistic feeling. They are made to resemble the cars of your favorite drivers. The driving physics allow you to get an idea on how hard you should be driving in order to win each race and beat the clock in the car game.

Online play is available for this game. You can either play it online through the Internet by using your broadband Internet connection or connect to a wireless network by connecting to your modem/router or connect to an iPhone through Bluetooth. The Angry Birds version is free and is one of the most downloaded games on iTunes.

Control Different Birds

However, the game can be purchased through the App store for real money or can be obtained through the free play option. Either way, it is one of the most popular gaming applications available today.

The game allows you to control different birds, as seen in the trailers, and pit your bird against others of similar looks. Different birds can be chosen to race, depending on your choice, in order to get the prize that is being offered. There are different levels in the game, and once you complete one level, you will be given the next level to complete.


The game has received many positive reviews, based on the graphics, sound, user friendliness and the various levels and types of driving that you can choose from. It’s a great driving game with tons of entertainment and a challenge for everyone who plays. You get another chance to experience the thrill of real driving by playing this one. If you love crashing, getting into scrapes and having a good time, you’ll definitely want to try the Angry Bird Racing car game.

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