Funny Car Racing – Its More Than Just An Ordinary Fun Game

funny car racing

Funny Car Racing is a huge success in the United States. This spectacular and popular hobby involves tuning, building, and racing custom automobiles. These cars include everything from a Dodge Challenger to a Ferrari Testarossa. In fact, some of the world’s most famous car racers are enthusiasts of funny cars.

John Fox was an automotive designer for Ford when he began building dragsters in 1955. He considered his invention the “car that could eat tyres.” The design that he developed for Fox’s Dragsters paved the way for many of today’s modern day designs. Dragster designs have always included a high center of gravity for greater stability. With better aerodynamics, dragsters now feature bigger tires, larger air outlets, and other modifications that help them achieve better speed and greater agility.

Famous Funny Car Racing Drivers

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Many of the world’s most famous drivers are enthusiasts of Funny Car Racing as well. Some of the names that are known to be enthusiasts of Funny Cars are Mario Balotelli, Al Pacino, and Mickey Thompson. However, before you can become a drag racer, you must first purchase and drive a vehicle known as a hot rod. Hot rods were originally designed by car manufacturers as prototypes to show off their design prowess. They were often heavily modified race cars that were heavily customized, hence the name “hot rod.”

A hot rod typically has a body kit, a supercharger, a carburetor, and a powerful engine. These components are all intended to increase the car’s speed and performance. Hot rods also typically carry names such as a Super Stock, Cruze, or Dragon. Today, the list of famous Funny Car racers includes four-time champion John Fox, drag racer Chris Marisin, super stock racer Mike Smith, and actor/comedian Ricco Rodale.

History Of Funny Car Racing

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Funny Car racing was actually created by auto mechanic Richard P. Lagrange in California, USA in 1969. Lagrange wanted to build a vehicle that would not only perform well on the track, but one that he could also use on his real street for casual road trips. Thus, the first Funny Car was born. Lagrange named his creation Super Stock after the fictional stock car from the Looney Tunes film. The name stuck, as Funny Car racing is commonly referred to today, and the cars have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

Today, there are many well-known Funny Car Brands to choose from. There is the American Impression Team who has been known to put out some of the most unique and supercharged Funny Car engines and superchargers ever created. There is also the Phoenix crew who put out two of their very own Funny Cars. One of these cars was the Hollywood Impression, which sported a distinctive twin front bumper and side skirt. The other was the Hot Shots, which sported a distinctive hood scoop.

Find Funny Cars

These days, you can find Funny Cars from any corner of the world, thanks to the internet. One of the most popular locations to locate funny cars is on the online auction site eBay. This is where you will find the best selection, though you should always be wary of purchasing a car at a price you can’t afford. eBay is also where you can discover the best deals on Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Muscle Cars and Funny Cars. For example, a person interested in purchasing a Hot Rod should always take the time to browse through listings of the exact model and year in question to ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Final Thoughts

Another great place to locate funny cars is through your local area’s social scene. Many clubs, organizations and car clubs hold regular meetings and social gatherings that can include drag racing, supercharging, touring and even car shows. If you are attending or hosting a local event, ask your guests if they know of any places where you might be able to purchase or inquire about a funny car. Chances are, you’ll soon find out!

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