Formula 1 Racing In Phoenix

f1 racing phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the leading venues for F1 racing. It is home to several prominent auto race teams, including Phoenix Motorsports, Dragon Racing, Cuningham Motorsports, along with several others. At the same time, it is a vibrant town that supports F1 racing and related events.

This Phoenix, Az Facility Is An Ideal Venue For A Motorsport Event

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The venue hosts Formula One racing events as well as other high profile motor sports competitions such as Street Outlaws Weekend, Phoenix Sports Weekends and the ARCA Vintage Car Racing Series. There are a large number of F1 racing events held annually.

With great comfort and convenient location, Phoenix attracts an enormous fan base, particularly those who live in or near Phoenix and its surrounding areas. There are a variety of tickets available from various sources. This includes premium race packages that provide VIP seats, first come, first served entrance tickets, standing room only admission tickets and more.

Catch A Formula One Race In Phoenix

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The race season is the best time to catch a Formula One race in Phoenix. This city features some of the most prestigious and fast track facilities around. The speeds reach up to Lap 32, with the speedway’s overall length reaching a record of 2.2 miles. The race courses include the inside and outside walls of the grandstands as well as on-track chicanes. Other attractions include the press center, suites, television screens as well as shopping areas.

The fan involvement is further promoted by numerous activities and contests. During an event, there are numerous ways for a fan to participate. For example, there are costume contests, photo contests, race day rituals and photo sessions. There are also pit crew competitions, team picture taking competitions, race day games and practice sessions. In addition, there are numerous dining options as well as local shops where Formula One fans can buy souvenirs, including race car posters, race poster glasses and other merchandise.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition, there are numerous sponsorship opportunities given to prominent Formula One teams and drivers at every event. For example, Verizon is the primary sponsor of the Verizon Indy race series, which runs from Phoenix, Arizona. Besides this, Silverstone is another sponsor of the Verizon Indy race series. Some other companies that feature race sponsorship in Formula One include DMC, Brabham, Honda, MCM and LMC. With the popularity of these events, it is no wonder that there are thousands of people that attend Formula One races in Phoenix.

Last Words

Phoenix has consistently been a strong support vehicle for several teams and drivers during the different occasions when they have competed in Formula One. However, Phoenix has never been able to take the lead during the championship rounds. In fact, the last time they were able to win the title was in 1994. Due to recent reverses in fortunes and financial problems, Phoenix has not managed to keep pace with the leading teams in the world and they have not tasted success since 1994.

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