Formula 1 Car: The Ultimate Racing Sport Winner

Formula: The Ultimate Car Racing Sport

What Is Formula Racing?

Formula racing is an open-wheeled single-seater motorsports road racing. After the Second World War, the term Formula racing was taken up by FIA for all its single-seater regulations or formulae. The best-known names of the formulae are Formula 1, 2, 3, and 4. The two forms of racing the open Formula which allows the choice of chassis or engines i.e., Formula three and the control Formula which relies on a single supplier of chassis and engines i.e., BMW Formula. F Three and FIAtwo are feeder formulae and have position below F1 in the career ladder of single-seater motor racing.

Formula: The Ultimate Car Racing Sport
Formula: The Ultimate Car Racing Sport

Worldwide Formula 1

Formula 1

In the year 1946, after the Second World War, The Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA) was responsible for defining the standardization of regulation for Formula one or F1. The first race conducted was a non-championship Grand Prix in Turin. In 1947 the first official race was held, and The World Championship of Drivers was inaugurated in the year 1950.

Formula E: Formula 1 Type Of Competition

This is the highest class competition for single-seat electric power racing cars. The inaugural session took place in 2014-15. The races take place on temporary circuits in New York, Hong Kong, Zurich, Rome, Berlin and, Paris. This event is known as “e Prix” and has become popular in the last few years.


Formula 2

Firstly, FIA introduced The Championship in the year 2017. Therefore, this special design made this racing is affordable and came handy as a training ground for F1. In F2 racing it is mandatory for all the teams to use the same chassis, engine and tire supplier.

Formula 3

FIA created this in the year 1950 as a low- cost entry point to single-seater F racing. F Junior replaced it in 1961. In 1964 they reintroduced F3 again. This racing has a long history with ten active championships around the world. This race is an open class and permits a choice of chassis and engines. The notable tournaments are FIA European F Three Championship. However, the British F Three Championship and All Japan Formula Three championship.

Formula 4

This is an open-wheel racing intended for junior drivers. Moreover, there is no global championship, but nation and regions can host their Championship. This championship was as an entry-level category for young drivers. The series is part of FIA Global Pathway.

Formula: The Ultimate Car Racing Sport
Formula: The Ultimate Car Racing Sport

Auto GP

Firstly, in the year 1999 Auto GP World series first began in Italy with the Italian Formula 3000 series. Moreover, first of all, all the races took place in Italy, but the series spread throughout Europe. The series is called European Formula 3000. In 2006 Coloni Motorsports renamed the series as Euro series 3000. However, the first-generation AI Grand Prix cars replaced the earlier Lola f3000 chassis. The resultant model was termed as Auto GP.

Besides above-mentioned series, there are several series that take place in Europe. Therefore, the United States and Japan and Asia.

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