Forms Of Car Race -

Forms Of Car Race

Forms Of Car Race

In the world of a car race, there are various types of sports car involved. These races classify themselves according to the class of vehicles, their performance, and the tracks where the event held. Here are the various types of car racing.

Formula 1 (F1) Race

One of the most popular and established forms of car race is the Formula 1 car. These single-seater races demand separate tracks which are specially constructed only for this purpose.

Touring Car Race

Another form of the race involving cars is the touring car race. This type of sports is conducted using production cars of various companies. Each vehicle of various firms with comparable performance track is used for racing. These types of races use separate racetracks.

Sports Car

The next type of car is sports car racing. This type of racing involves the use of various kinds of the sports car with the same performance output for the race. They hold in separate tracks which are used only for this purpose.

Forms Of Car Race
Forms Of Car Race

Production Car Race

Another one of the forms of racing is the production car racing. This type of race is conducted with the production cars, but this race is different from touring car racing as it involves many restricted rules and regulations. This type of racing is one of the economic forms of racing.

One Make Or One Model Race

The One Make racing is the form of racing where the races are conducted between a number of the same model of cars which are produced by only one company or firm. Hence this form of event is known as one make race. These races are also conducted in separate tracks made especially for this purpose.

Stock Car Race

The stock car race is a type of sport which involves the usage of intentionally build race cars from the wrecked or crashed cars and old cars. These cars are thus modified and then used for the race.

Rally Race

A rally is another one of the essential forms of racing of cars where there are races which consist of usage of off-road tracks and on-road tracks. The vehicles used in this type of racing are production-based cars. This type of event is held for more than two days.

Forms Of Car Race
Forms Of Race car

Off-Road Race

Off-road racing is one of the forms of racing in cars where, as the name itself suggest, that this type of racing is conducted in off-road tracks. Where the vehicles used for this type of racing may either be production cars or altered ones.

Drag Race

Drags race in cars may be the most dominant form of racing. This type of race involves the display of a unique kind of stunt called dragging. This type of racing is performed only for a short distance. The vehicles used for this type of racing are built purposely to be more powerful cars.

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