Facts About CSR2 Racing Game

csr2 racing game

CTRS2 Hypercity Road Racing is a high tech, fully featured racing video game that is highly acclaimed by critics and fans. It is an open-world version of the popular CTRS: City on steroids. In this game you can choose from two different game modes, Story and AR mode. In this article we will take a detailed look at both versions of the game and explain how they work

An Overview

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Story mode in CTRS2 Hypercity Road Racing is more or less like any other car racing games. Your objective will be to save the damsel in distress and beat the clock to complete your mission. The story line moves at a slow pace and is filled with exciting moments of intense car racing action. When playing in story mode, you can switch between the two different play modes by clicking the ‘gear’ button on the bottom left corner of your keyboard and using the arrows to guide your vehicle through each race.

In the second game mode (AR mode), on the other hand, the action moves at a much faster pace as it involves multiple scenarios and tracks. You can choose from various vehicles in the AR mode and choose the one that best represents your style of play – you can drive powerful, nimble sports cars and trucks, or go for trucks with huge engines and body weight to give you a real challenging drive. You can also increase the power and speed of your vehicle in the AR mode to take on the toughest challenges of the game. In this competitive mode, you can become a true racer with unlimited cars, trucks and bikes.

CSR2 Racing Game Facts

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Both story mode and the AR mode are available with the game disc. If you prefer playing in single player mode, the player has to select the character of his choice from the various unlockable drivers available at the start of the game. For example, in the single player game, you can either choose Mickey Thompson or Jack Nicklaus to take part in the challenges of CSR2. The top drivers across the globe including Juan Pablo Montoya, Mark Appleyard, retiree Juan Pablo Montoya and many others can be used as players in single player racing games.

Downloading the game is a very easy process. You need to have a PC capable of processing the game files. Since CSR2 is a racing game, the game discs require a certain amount of memory to run smoothly. To download the game, you need to visit a legal online store which offers the game on disk and provides all the necessary support. With the help of a downloadable feature, the users can save their data and move on to the next level of the game. Moreover, the user can also make backup copies of the game discs, as some viruses prevent the use of the downloaded feature.

The game features five different classes of drivers like the Standard, Muscle Man, Proveer, Fast Duck and many others. The different classes enable the users to pick up a car of their choice and personalize it with certain upgrades. Most of the features in the game are made available for customization according to the car selected by the user.

In addition, the CSR2 driving game has many realistic features such as the pit crew, weather conditions, radio transmissions, lights and mirrors. For example, the pit crew in the racing game monitors the speed of the cars and determines the pit stops of the drivers accordingly. Another feature includes the Weather features which enable the user to take control of the weather and to drive in it according to the requirements. The users can race in wet or dry conditions and can choose from two difficulty settings.

Bottom Line

The car customization allows the user to change the size of the tires, the body style, the wheels and the engine type. The user can change the colors of the trim and the steering wheel and the instruments of the driving. The user can change the radio stations and also change the songs playing on the radio. This enables the users to design a custom car that they have driven in real life. All these features make the game all the more interesting and popular among young drivers.

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