Explore The F1 Racing Scene In Boston

boston f1 racing

If you’re looking for Boston F1 racing, it’s not hard to find. Sprawling indoor go kart facility with a large indoor oval, multiple tracks, a restaurant & bar, & even an outside patio. It doesn’t matter if your interested in a kid’s go-kart racing or the adult version of the sport, Boston F1 will have what you’re looking for. A family fun place that is located so close to Boston, it makes finding parking so easy.

For kids there are three full-size oval tracks located in the city. At the Farmington Hills oval track, children can pick a go kart vehicle and compete in races from the comfort of a chair. Located at the historic Bell-in-hand restaurant on Boylston street, there is the Circle Track where karts race around a circular track. And don’t forget the River Run track where families can go for a quiet evening or an early morning run. This famous track has hosted some of the world’s greatest motorsport events, including the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Three Professional Tracks To Choose

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For adults who’d like to experience the thrill of Boston F1 racing, there are three professional tracks to choose from as well. The International Race Complex has two professional oval tracks, called The International Racing Center and The oval track at the Bell-in-hand. Located at the corner of Boylston streets, the Dickman Stadium is home to the United States Auto Show. Built in 1960 this is one of the oldest indoor sports facilities in New England. Built with an artificial turf, the facility includes an assortment of different sized tents for eating, along with the necessary equipment. Spectators are welcome to watch from anywhere in the stands.

Located downtown and west of the MBTA subway station, the Franklin Park karting center is Boston’s largest. Featuring an oval track and several smaller ones, the center was originally built as a parking lot for an insurance building. Today it offers a variety of different sized tents for eating. The track has been modified since its inception, incorporating PCA paint and other durable rubberized surfaces. spectator areas include two TV screens & two radio monitors. Plus, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the karting fans can get a free view of the action from the bleachers.

Franklin Park

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Just a short walk from the MBTA station, Franklin Park is also home to another oval track – called the Franklin Park Lodge. This venue hosts regular weekend races, as well as big corporate events. Built in 1963, the Lodge features upgraded intercom systems, plush living and dining areas, and professional service. Plus, you’ll find an extensive list of sponsors dotted throughout the grounds.

Of course, no trip to Boston would be complete without taking in one of the city’s most famous attractions: the Franklin Park Race Track. Built in 1933, the track was built to exacting blueprints by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose contributions to the world are well-known. With an authentic Roman feel and designed to replicate the grandeur of ancient arenas, you’ll find that this oval track offers up plenty of opportunity for speed and drama – especially during the summer.

A Variety Of Different Attractions

If karts aren’t your sport, don’t fear: you can still enjoy the spectacle at the Franklin Park Amphitheater. Consisting of a retractable roof, the park’s only indoor facility offers up a variety of different attractions, including basketball courts, a running track, and even a movie projector. If you’re looking for something a bit less intense, take in some live music performances in the outdoor amphitheater. In addition to featuring acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and Celtic Women, the Amphitheater also presents a wide range of family shows, opera shows, workshops, and lectures.


As you can see, there is plenty to see and do in Boston when it comes to both classic and modern day f1 racing. So whether you’d like to go for a thrilling race in the rain or simply enjoy a day of water skiing and skating, you won’t be disappointed. The tracks themselves are gorgeous and will make for a memorable trip to the area. So head out today and discover the thrill of Boston f1 racing!

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