Don’t Let Fog Put You In Trouble When Riding Your Bike. The Solution Is Here!

When riding your bike, especially during cold or rainy weathers, your helmet’s visor fogs up. This situation, if not properly taken for, can result in an accident. Hence, you need to find an effective solution to this problem.

Then came the anti-fog lenses to solve the problem of your helmet’s visor fogging up. However, numerous anti-fog visor lenses exist in the market, most of them proving to be below par. We at foremarket therefore bring you the best of them all, the Anti-Fog Visor Lens For Motorcycle. We discuss why you should get this lens for your helmet.

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Pros Of The Anti-Fog Visor Lens For Motorcycle

  • At just $28, this product comes cheap. With the numerous unique qualities the lens offers, it comes as a bargain at that cost.
  • It comes with pinlock. Pinlock helps the anti-vog visor lens fit perfectly to your helmet’s visor. Numerous other lenses come without this feature, which limits the effectiveness.
  • During heavy rains, most other lenses lose functionality, and your helmet starts fogging up. This is not the case with the Anti-Fog Visor Lens For Motorcycle. You can safely use it during heavy rains, and it still will effectively protect your vision.
  • Unlike other anti-fog lenses, this product can withstand extreme change in temperature, thereby keeping your helmet from fogging up.
  • The anti-fog lens is made of special PET. This material gives it extra durability, making it last long. Also, the special PET material makes it more efficient, more than other types.
  • Unlike other anti-fog lenses, the package comes not only with a lens, but also a cleaning cloth. This saves you the trouble of having to look for an entirely different cleaning cloth.
  • It comes in a clear color, therefore usable by everybody. It also is unisex, usable by both genders.
  • It weighs just 25 grams. Despite the functionality, you barely feel having the product attached to your helmet.
  • You can use this product for all types of helmets; full helmets, half helmets, and even open face helmets.
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Cons Of The Anti-Fog Visor Lens For Motorcycle

  • It easily accumulates dust, especially on long journeys, so you may need to keep the cleaning cloth with you all the time.
  • It measures 27 by 9 cm, which is wide. You may, therefore, need to create space to hold the lens when not in use.


Fog accumulating on your helmet’s visor can be the cause of accidents, if not taken care of. This is why you need to use an anti-fog lens with your helmet. We offer you the best of them all, the Anti-Fog Visor Lens For Motorcycle.

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