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Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know

Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know

In the world of cars, there are many types of car races. Some examples are formula one (F1) racing, Rally racing, Drag racing, and many more. Every kind of car race demands a specific ability out of race cars. Formula One cars need a streamlined body whereas drag race cars require a high-power engine. Here are some types of vehicles that may pique your interest.

Formula One (F1) Race Cars

A Formula One car is a single-seater, open-wheel, open cockpit racing car with sturdy and robust front and wings in the rear. Also, an engine placed behind the driver which is meant to fulfill its purpose in the race at Formula One events. The regulations governing the cars are different from the championship to the championship. The Formula One regulations specify that the race cars must be constructed by the racing teams themselves, although the design and manufacture can be unrelated to them.

Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know
Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know

Touring Cars

“Touring car” is a style of an open car built in the United States which seats four or more people. The kind was popular among the people from the early 1900s to the 1920s. The vehicles used for touring car racing in various series since the 1960s are unrelated to these old touring cars, even though they share the same name.

Sports Race Cars

Sports cars may be modest or luxurious, but highly maneuverable and lightweight chassis is requisite. In general, sports cars usually have an aerodynamic design (since the 1950s), and their center of gravity is lower than regular models. Moreover, a carefully designed suspension and the steering provides precise control at high speeds. Initially, these race cars were open roadsters (open roof), but closed coupés (closed roof) also began to gain popularity during the 1930s, and the distinction between a sports car and a grand tourer is not absolute.

Production Race Cars

The properties of a production car or production vehicle are the ability of mass-production of identical models, open for sale for the public, and able to be legally driven on public roads (street legal). Legislation and other rules further define the production of race cars within particular countries or uses.

Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know
Different Types Of Race Cars You Need To Know

Rally Cars

World Rally Car is a racing automobile built to the specification set by the FIA which is the international motorsports governing body and competes in the outright class of the World Rally Championship (WRC). The FIA introduced the WRC specifications in 1997.

Off-Road Cars

An off-road vehicle is regarded to be any vehicle which is capable of driving on-road (paved or gravel surface) and off-road (uneven surfaces). It is usually identified by having large tires with deep, open treads, an adjustable suspension, or even caterpillar tracks. Also, some other types of vehicles that do not run public streets or highways possess the term off-highway cars, such as tractors, forklifts, cranes, backhoes, bulldozers, and golf carts.

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