Understanding Street Legal Race Cars

Difference Between Race Cars Legal And Race Cars Not Street Legal

Do you dream of cars? Is driving race car your fantasy? Well, then you can certainly accomplish that dream. There is a lot of race car, not street legal. It means that they are not fit for driving on the road. However, there is some race car which can drive on the roads.

However, there is a procedure to check race cars that are street legal and race cars that are not street legal. Also, remember it is not legal to race a street-legal car on the road.

Difference Between Race Cars Legal And Race Cars Not Street Legal
Difference Between Race Car Legal And Race Car Not Street Legal

What Is Street Legal Race Car?

You need to understand one basic thing that race car is made entirely for the competition. On the other hand, cars that run on the road ensure the safety of the passenger. The cars that are street legal are somewhere between the intersection of both these conditions. Race cars not street legal: It is because they overlook the safety of the passengers.

Street permittable race car is fast but also have safety features built in it, according to the local laws. However, race car not street legal laws change according to the places. Although, some of the standard things are included in the laws which are universal.

Race cars not street legal- It is only if it does not have the following:

  • Seat Belts
  • Bumpers
  • License Plates
  • Proper brakes with an emergency brake
  • Normal, round steering wheel instead of a butterfly-shaped steering wheel
  • A properly functioning horn
  • A hood with which the height of the air intakes should be regulated
  • All the lights including headlights, brake lights and taillights should be properly working
  • Reflectors should be in the working condition
  • Proper ground clearance is required

These are some of the steps which can qualify race cars for being street legal.

Difference Between Race Cars Legal And Race Cars Not Street Legal
Race Car Legal

Conversion Of Race Car Not Street Legal Into Legal

The sad news is that it is not always possible to convert race cars not street legal into legal. Although, there are some ways of doing this. You can modify the whole body of the race car. If the headlights or taillights are missing, it is possible to add them.

Restoring the muffler or emission controls will also help in making the race vehicle legal in the street. Make sure to remove the dark tints of the race car as well.

However, some race car cannot be changed to legal street race. One of them is the NASCAR stock car. It would need a speedometer, headlights, tail lights, exhaust system, and doors that open. You would also have to adjust the brake bias and rebalance the chassis which is almost impossible.


Some race cars not street legal, always remain that way. Also, remember that finding insurance will be a difficult thing if you have modified it. You will have to contact specialty insurance companies for the same. Make sure to check all the terms and conditions before driving a race car on the street.     

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