CNC Machines Will Power Future Haas Formula One Racing Teams

haas f1 racing

Haas F1 Racing is an American Formula One team competing as Uralkali Haas F1 Team. The company first announced its intent to join the series in April of last year, but then postponed its entry into the series. The company cited several reasons for its decision. Among those were issues related to finances and staffing. However, on May 13, the team officially announced that it has signed an agreement to join the series.

The company’s primary aim was to secure a place in the championship series this year. Gene Haas, company owner, and founder had told reporters in March that he believed it was necessary to secure one of four championships in order to maintain the support of team owners, sponsors, and manufacturers. Now that it has been confirmed that the company will be a part of the premier championship in motorsport, it is planning to do its best to win. “This is very much a new season for us and we’re just starting out, so we have to get off to a good start,” said Haas. “The teams have done a lot of testing over the winter and we’ll have to pay close attention to not only our performance but how the components do during the race. We have some good components and some not-so-good ones.”

Haas F1 Racing

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The company is particularly looking forward to the second season in Formula One, which is due to begin in 2021. Haas had said that the company would look at ways of improving the design of its car. It had previously stated that it plans to use new technologies to help it create sleek, low-profile cars. One way to achieve this is to reduce the weight of the car. As a result, the company is exploring the option of using lightweight CNC machines for the purpose of building the bodywork and floor plans of its cars. CNC machinery is already being used by Haas in the manufacturing frames and steering wheels of race cars.

“FCA is a great company to partner with because it understands the importance of innovation and progress in technology,” said Patrick Head, CFO of Hardt Motorsports. “It’s important that we stay ahead of competitors in technology because we have so much to gain by staying on top of them. “We are very excited about the prospect of being able to work more closely with CNC as we work toward having a championship in 2021.” In addition to the new frame and engine concepts, Head said that the company is also exploring the use of software to help control the ongoing process of building the vehicle. While he declined to provide specific details, he did say that future vehicles will incorporate onboard electronics. This means that onboard computers will allow drivers to track their laps and the performance of their team as well as other onboard elements of the car.

CNC machining has made its way into the world of racing. A member of the CCI or Carleton Computing Institute, CNC machinery has helped start-up teams manufacture parts and have them ready for the road. For HART Racing, CNC machines will help construct both the frame and body for its two new vehicles. In addition to frames and bodies, HART Racing has also signed a deal with Kaylor Motorsports to supply the engines. The agreement between HART Racing and Kaylor Motorsports is a multi-year agreement where each company will build and supply one chassis for the team to use in its two upcoming Formula 1 driver programs.

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CNC machines will also be utilized by Haas F1 in its efforts to win the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship in its first season in the competition. Team principal Gunsten Becker confirmed that while there are no immediate plans to utilize CNC machinery in Haas F1, he expects the strategy to become a reality in the near future. “There are many challenges we face in getting the most from our current set-up, and this is the best path to take to ensure the most efficiency from all of our processes, which we believe is the case with Haas.”

CNC machines to be utilized by Haas F1 next year include the following: a 3D scanner to inspect parts, a router for surface molding, and high-end computer simulation programs for bodywork detailing and body styling. Drilling, welding, polishing, and painting have also been outsourced to outside firms so that start-up teams do not need to buy costly machines to produce high-quality work. Becker told IFA attendees that it is too early to define exactly what types of CNC machinery will be available for use by the teams in the coming years, but he did note that the HART car will be one of them. “The new car will have the same components as the ones we currently use,” he said.

Final Words

Drilling, welding, and painting are done using high-end CNC machines and parts that can be bought or developed by the constructors’ Championship team. Although there have been rumors of an impending merger between Haas and BMW, this has yet to materialize according to Michael Becker. “We are in talks with several suppliers and distributors right now, but nothing is final yet,” he told IFA. We’ve known that Becker and Dietrich [Toyota] have been in talks with the X-tera team about a possible collaboration, but we have no further updates on that front just yet. Dietrich is also working on a Formula One racecar that could compete in the Blancpain Endurance Series next season.

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