Car X Drift Racing Game Review

car x drift racing

It’s also a great way to get dirt jumping action while on the road. Drift racing has been popular for many years, but until recently, it hasn’t been available to the masses.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting racing category on the World Wide Web, look no further than Horizon 4. Horizon 4 Drift Racing Online is a completely new game from the award-winning makers of Car Game: The Ultimate Pedal, the creators of Car Game: Dirt Bike Game. Horizon is a spectacular new take on the drift game genre, with all the excitement you have come to love in the arcade style of games on the market. Horizon is the ideal choice for hardcore drift fans, who want the ultimate challenge in the ultimate car sport.

The Drift Simulator Software

A person driving a car

For this game you need a pc with internet connection and a copy of the Drift Simulator software. Downloading and installing the software is quick and easy. You don’t need any special skills. You can play with as many different vehicles as you like. The controls are easy, intuitive and have the usual functions of the keyboard. The game comes with several bonus challenges, which will make the game even more interesting and challenging.

Horizon is a highly realistic racing game with high quality graphics. It is set in a scenic open world, full of real locations such as snow capped mountains, bridges, roads and real cities. The game takes you through the tracks and into the heart of a city life as you take to the streets in search of drifting competitions, which are held on an annual basis.

Car Customization Options

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There are many car customization options in the game, with every car having a unique look and sound, giving the player a sense of owning and controlling each vehicle. Some of the most popular customizable options include the body style, transmission and tires. Each of these options has a huge impact on the handling of the car, as well as its speed and performance. For example, adding a big spoiler will help you to gain more speed and move faster, while a set of low-slung tires will allow your car to grip the track better and get a slide at the start of the race. The choice is up to you!

One of the biggest features of the game that makes it so addictive is the option to download and watch videos of the drivers on the track. As you follow them around you will be amazed at the skill they display, and at the speed they are going. This not only gives you a real sense of rivalry between you and your friends, but it also shows you how quickly a car can change direction. This is especially useful when driving on tracks with other vehicles because you can get a feel for how that car is doing. You might even be able to put the tail of your car into a wheelie to gain some speed, and use it to get to the lead!

Watching Videos Of Yourself In Action

As well as watching videos of yourself in action, downloading the drift mode allows you to alter the settings of your car. You can activate all of the available options, which will change the way your car performs.

For example, if you want your car to have more power behind it, then you can do this by changing the traction control settings. If you want your car to go slower, then you can also select a higher gear. These modes give you the chance to experiment and get the best experience out of the car.


One of the best parts of the game is the ability to upload your own tracks so that you can race on them against the computer or another player. Although the game is competitive, it still allows you to push your limits. When you race against the computer, you are playing within the parameters of the program. However, when you race against another real player, you are allowed to alter the track to be different, such as making turns at speed. This gives you the ultimate thrill as you attempt to drift across the track without going over the top of it and getting into accidents.

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