Car Racing Houston – Essential Information About The Houston Raceway

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Houston, the largest city in Texas, is the home to NASA, the Rockets and Astros, and fittingly, America’s largest car racing Houston. Our all over the nation entertainment venues offer world-class car racing, and our Houston car racing location is no different. To satisfy the needs of motorsport fans of all kinds, from racing veterans to hobbyists and novices, our locations feature 20hp electric karts. If you are looking for something to do in Houston with friends and family? Racing in these high-performance machines is an adrenaline-pumping experience, and visiting car racing Houston is memorable.

Specialties Of Car Racing Houston

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Befitting the vast state of Texas, our car tracks are among the largest in the country. It features more than 50,000 sq. ft. of space and is the first all-electric car racing location in the city. No need to say, car racing in Houston provides a truly unique experience. People can experience real, wheel-to-wheel racing and speeds of approximately 45mph. When not racing, you can scan through our large collection of racing memorabilia, watch real-time data from the on-track action or sporting events on our plasma screen televisions, and view our amazing artwork celebrating the world of motorsport.

Arrive And Drive Racing

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Houston car racing offers several indoor go car racing packages at their location. Their Arrive and Drive racing package has factually been the most popular they offer at K1 Speed’s nationwide locations. The Arrive and Drive racing package is an open track in which persons are looking to race against family, friends, and co-workers at any time of day. Although drivers are kept in a race, the winner is determined by the fastest lap time. Experienced and novice, both racers alike can enjoy the competition and can win at giving their best.

Additional Information Of Car Racing Houston

Houston’s car racing park was built in 1998 on 50 acres on the eastern margin of the greater Houston metropolitan area. The locale is the best major multi motorsports locale throughout the Houston area. Houston raceway’s dragstrip possesses a three-story tower that is built to assimilate the media center. It consists of race control facilities provided with timing and scoring equipment, plus 23 VIP suites. In addition, the venue has a special VIP parking area that can hold an additional 600 vehicles. Plus, the park considers a seating capacity of 30,000 and additional grandstand seating acquired for major events.

How To Get Houston Racing Tickets

We aim to help you quickly and easily choose the Houston Racing event that you want. We have separated the most anticipated event for ease if you are interested in a location. If you would like to see only the weekend list, a specific date, venue, or time of day, we have you covered.

Summing Up

Car racing Houston provides several facilities such as meeting rooms on the site with Wi-Fi connectivity, televisions, projection screens. Plus, they can arrange catering if you would like to include food with your reservation.

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