Car Racing Helmets – Ventilation And Style In One

car racing helmets

Car racing helmets are of different types and manufactured by a variety of companies. The first step in selecting a helmet is to select the right type of manufacturer. It would be advisable to conduct a thorough research on the type of helmets that have been manufactured and the feedback and reviews from other consumers who have recently purchased the same. It will also be useful to learn about the design, quality, craftsmanship and safety standards that the manufacturer has adhered to.

Check The Visor

Racing Helmets

An important consideration while choosing car racing helmets is to check if the visor and face mask fit properly. A good fit ensures that there is proper circulation of air and prevents fogging. In addition, it also offers the driver with a clear vision of the road ahead. A poor fit may cause discomfort and even inconvenience while driving. Some manufacturers provide visor adjustments so that the fit of the entire visor can be changed to provide the best protection.

Car racing helmets have various vents which are strategically placed in order to disperse air flow to the outer face of the helmet. Proper venting helps to reduce heat buildup inside the visor thereby preventing fogging. The auto racing helmets which have vents are usually made of lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass or laminated plastics. These lightweight materials make them easy to handle during vigorous activities.

Rigorous Testing

Racing Helmets

Car racing helmets go through rigorous testing before they reach the market. During this process, various factors, such as crash tests and wind tunnel test, are carried out to evaluate the helmet’s strength and durability. The impact of the test is crucial because the impact energy acts as a form of torture for the materials used. The impact energy varies depending on the intensity of the collision and the helmet durability is thus affected. For this reason, it is advisable to go for a helmet which has undergone rigorous testing. Automotive industry constantly conducts helmet testing to ensure the high quality and reliability of the product.

Post-test Survey

Automotive industry holds the certification test for car racing helmets and also conducts the post-test survey to find any flaws that might have been left unnoticed during the strenuous testing process. Once these flaws are found, the flaw is immediately fixed before releasing the product to the market. Therefore, even if you buy a non-certified helmet, it would be a waste of money because it wouldn’t have the necessary time to go through rigorous testing. Hence, it would not be able to fulfill the demand of the consumer at all.

Bottom Line

However, not all full face helmets come with completely aerodynamic vents. The vented version is considered the best because of its superior ventilation. Many racing fans prefer the open face versions because they are able to fully vent the car’s interior. With vents like these, the air flow over the head is improved and with it, the chances of the driver inhaling any form of toxic fumes or toxic gases are significantly reduced. Some even consider these accessories to be more stylish and aerodynamic as well because they are able to completely divert the attention of others from the car’s external components.

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