Best Sports Racing Car Designs

sports car racing

There are some high-end car brands in the world which have carved a niche for themselves in this industry. Every avid racer can swear by the swanky and efficient designs of these cars especially curated to give high performance and speed. Here is the list of the most prestigious race car designs in the world.

Aston Martin:

A car driving on a race track

This British exotic car is renowned for its most recognizable and iconic design. It is often seen on race track as it has all the features of a sports car. This car has been driven by Sir Stirling moss an dIan Flemming in the famous James Bond movies. This car has many models that were continuously updated namely V8 Vantage, DB5, DB9, DBS and V12 Vanquish. Other models of Aston Martin include the Vantage, DB9 and DBS range and many more.


a racing car

This British upscale car company was established in 1919 and have mostly made cars for the racing background. Every racer wants a high performance Bentley racing car in their collections.  


These elegant cars are loved for their style and looks. Bugatti cars have also been used for sports cars on the luxurious side. It is the main competitor of Bentley. Currently, Bugatti Veyron EB16.4, the Super Sport version is the fastest car in the world from Bugatti. 


This Italian prestigious cars company has also made quite a name for itself with its racing cars. It has competed in every season of Formula one since 1950s and these cars also hold the record for the most number of race titles. Founded in 1929, this company started making luxurious sports cars only from 1949 and since then, have been popular amongst celebrities and the ultra-rich.


This Italian luxury cars manufacturing brand was established in 1963. Its most popular models are the Lamborghini Miura, the Diablo and the Countach. Currently, Spyder and Gallardo are the more current models. Avetador launched recently created quite a buzz amongst car enthusiasts.


This is one of the most sought after German Sports Car brand today with its roots in racing dating back to 1948. Its earliest model was the Porsche 356. After that many other models have been launched but its Porsche 911 is considered the most modern car so far.

Range Rover:

This car raised the bar or set an example for most SUVs today. This prestigious brand is highly sought after in the world and its latest model ‘ Evoque’ has created quite a storm.

All these prestigious race car designs in the world have been created by affluent racing car brands across the world. Their designs, engines, accessories and upholsteries have attracted millions worldwide. These cars got their fame after showcasing their power in sports racing. These are today, the best racing cars in the world. These companies also make other models for normal commute and avid travellers. 

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