Best Racing Games for PS4

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PS4 has changed the way avid gamers play their favorite games on a gaming platform. The clear visuals, stunning sound effects and crystal clear images make gaming surrealistic. For those who are fond of racing games, here is a list of the best racing games for PS4.

Gran Turismo Sport

This game has been existing since Sony PlayStation was first launched. The game features 4K resolutions and some realistic graphics. It also delivers amazing audio and you get to choose between 150 cars totally. There are 18 locations on which you can play with 54 different layouts. This game is also playable by amateurs. You get some drive assist features to guide you in the game as well as some throttle control, brakes and steering guide. You can also choose which AI you want to handle. You can customize the game and create your own livery as well. You also get the option of changing the exteriors of your car. You can make some great modifications and take stunning snapshots of the game. This game is compatible with PS VR and it provides a 360 degree 3D environment for your experience. 

Project CARS 2

This game boasts of over 140 tracks in 60 different locations. It is a must-have racing game for every motorist fan. You get all four seasons of racing with some different weather conditions including driving on snow and ice. The game also offers other features apart from weather conditions such as track temperatures, ambient temperatures and its  height above the sea level. The time of the year, location and speed can all affect your game. You get a total of 189 cars to choose from right from hyper cars to karts to race cars such as GT, LMP, Rallycross and more. This game gives you an authentic racing experience and you can also stack up your competition online with other gamers. 

F1 2019

This is the best game for all Formula 1 fans. It features all the F1 2019 official teams, drivers, 21 circuits and more from the 2019 formula session. It gives you a hands-on experience of being a part of formula 1 allowing you to play with all the drivers and teammates and stepping into their championship. You  get 18 cars from F1 2018 joining the new game and also get some classic formula 1 cars form 1990 and 2010. You will need to purchase the ‘Legends Edition’ to play these cars. There are four classics like 1990 Ferrari F1 90 and McLaren MP4/5B also to play with. The game offers a multiplayer support in the F1 2019 new league function. It allows you to create your won tournaments and participate in weekly challenges. There are many esports integration also.

These three are the best racing games for PS4 that have stood the test of time. Many others have come and gone, but these three are the oldest and still the best ones.

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