Automotive Game Design Jobs In Taiwan Are Open For International Candidates

online car racing game

Drive your dream car, perform amazing stunts, play online with your friends! Realistic cars with amazing arcade physics.

Drive fast exotic cars and trucks in adrenaline-pumping races. You are equipped with a super fast vehicle, so take charge and drive like a true race maniac, honking your horn, flashing your lights and beating everyone else in the race, all this is possible only with the help of the innovative Brain-Computer Interface (BBI). The BBI is a sophisticated gadget that is embedded into your car and gives you the ultimate driving experience. Take an awesome ride and crush everybody in your way.

An Excellent Graduate Institute

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An excellent graduate institute, in Taiwan, has brought a new revolution into the lives of youngsters. Graduates from this university can now enjoy a brand new adrenaline rushing game in the form of Online Car Racing Game. Now you can fulfill your dream and win the best college exams in the country by becoming one of the best students of this university.

This university has something for everybody – Masters, Bachelors and PhD holders. Research interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more. The graduate Institute of Technology has established its name as one of the leading research centres of the world. It’s home to brilliant scientists and brilliant graduates. University has a wide range of facilities including fully equipped labs, libraries, and network of other centres.

History And Research

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With its long history and research interests, the graduate institute of Technology, Taipei, has attracted some of the brightest researchers in the world. They are known to recruit promising and talented graduates who have shown promise and potential. Students can pursue graduate studies in the fields of Computer Science, Cybernetics and Engineering, which will be of great help while preparing for their careers in Research Institutes.

The Graduate Institute of Technology, Taipei, has many departments to offer to students including Computer science, Cybernetics and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Relations, Manufacturing Process Development, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. Computer science offers courses in Database design, C++ programming, computer systems and software, languages and programming, web designing, web applications and multimedia.

Electric Engineering

In Electrical Engineering, they offer classes in electrical maintenance and repair, control systems and construction materials. Manufacturing includes courses in industrial welding, metal finishing, fabricating, and appliance design. Medical Physics focuses on diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical sciences. Biomedical Engineering programs merge basic and applied sciences with nursing and medical arts skills.

Dr. Lin, who graduated in electronics and communications, is a graduate researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, with an appointment as a research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this position, Dr. Lin will be involved in the development of the artificial intelligent computer software needed for such endeavors. His research interests include wireless communication, distributed control, and computer systems. A native of Taiwan, Lin has also earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Beijing. A strong supporter of Taiwan independence, Dr. Lin is an active member of the Taiwanese National Assembly.


If you are thinking about getting a job in the gaming industry in Taiwan, look no further than the Graduate Institute of Technology in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Kung and Dr. Lin are two of the brightest minds in the automotive industry in Taiwan. As a graduate student, Dr. Kung received his graduate studies in electrical and electronic engineering and was a member of the university’s electrical and electronics department. Meanwhile, Dr. Lin received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and completed his post-graduate studies at the University of Taiwan where he was a recipient of scholarships for graduates program.

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