Arcade Car Racing Games- Some interesting facts to know about

arcade car racing games

Video games that are based on the car racing genre are the games in which the player participates in a car race competition. From real-life car racing to fantasy game racing are the base of video racing games. Between simplified arcade-style car racing and simulations, these racing games are distributed in this spectrum. Go-kart racing games emerged as an alternative to arcade-style car racing games.


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  • The cars always compete in and this game puts fast-paced experience above all else.
  • This game offers a far more lenient physics in comparison to simulation gaming.
  • In this game, the car is allowed to powerslide so that the speed is kept to the mark even if a turn is made, unlike real-life car racing.
  • In this car racing game collision with other cars, blockage or obstacle traffic lights are mentioned in a very exaggerating manner which is very different from simulation car racing games.
  • It focuses strictly on racing elements and removes all precision and rigour.
  • They are open to exotic settings and licence real cars and leagues.
  • They can provide a number of competitions like the point to point sprints with checkpoints, jumping, derby, demolition or driving skill test.
  • Popular arcade style games include the need for speed, Daytona USA series, total arcade etc.
  • By adding weapons, some arcade style racing cars became very popular and increased the competition in the market.

One of the most popular arcade style car racing games is Total arcade racing which is a fun 2D top-down racing game in which you zip around circuits that are closed. You can play single or in a group of eight people on the same screen. This game was made as a tribute to classic school games such as super sprint. It was released on 14th August 2020.


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  • This game provides you with six different types of cars that have different performance rates and handling.
  • It provides you with all 12 courses.
  • You will get 9 game modes while you play this which are arcade race, time trial, championship, elimination, demolition derby, survivor delivery and car hockey.
  • It provides you with a local multiplayer feature by which you can play with 8 different players on the same screen, max to max 4 on a single keyboard.
  • You will also get a steam remote play feature for 8 players with Global leaderboard support and ghost car replay.
  • It comes with great control and games support keyboard.

Additional Information-

This game belongs to the genre of action casual indie racing developed by Pretty Fly games with shared split screen PvP and Co-op.

Wrapping up

Total Arcade Racing is a game that is still in development and many more new features will be added depending upon the reviews of the players.

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