An Insight Into All Types Of Auto Car Racing Around The World

Auto Car Racing

Auto car racing is a popular sport that people love to watch. Auto racing is one of the most-watched tv sporting activities in the entire world and happens in a wide variety of different styles and divisions. It is acknowledged worldwide as an excellent marketing and advertising platform. Honestly, no other form of marketing creates brand recognition and customer support, like appealing to the wide-based, well-off U.S. road racing market. Auto car Racing is one of the fastest developing sports activities in the world. Millions of enthusiasts enjoy it each year in person and on television. With speed comes risk. Drivers place themselves in danger every time they get into their racing machines. Auto car racing is a hazardous sports activity, and products are subject to failure whenever exposed to the high stresses needed in racing.

Did you know there are various types of auto car racing, though? However, some adventurous individuals like to race cars themselves. Here is some information about car racing; read on to find out what some of the types of auto racing are.

Open Wheel 

A car driving on a road

Open-wheel racing encompasses some of the most trending and high profile motorsports series globally, including IndyCar and Formula One. as the name of the race indicates, open-wheel racing features vehicle with exposed wheels. Well, F1 or formula one runs on road courses, and IndyCar uses both road courses and oval. It is generally held that F1 and IndyCar drivers are the cream of the crop and having transcended all feeder series to secure spots on manufacturing teams. 

Sports Car 

A close up of a car

After open-wheel car racing, sportscar racing is the second popular racing over the globe. The races run between 2.5 and 24 hours in both dreadful conditions and fair weather conditions. The long-standing competition like the 24 hours Daytona, 24 hours of Nürburgring, and 24 hours le men test the durability of cars, the ingenuity, the skill of the drivers, and the speed of the pit crews. However, just being fast doesn’t mean wins, and in many cases, it can compromise a good strategy. 

Touring Car 

Touring car racing is generally based on heavily modified road cars, and the racing is incredibly popular in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. However, unlike F1 and IndyCar, contact between vehicles is standard and minimal aerodynamics means various position battles. These characteristics of the racing cars add an element of excitement that’s quite similar to U.S. stock car racing.

Production Car 

Production car racing is the type of racing where grassroots motorsport takes off. However, this racing is also known as showroom stock racing. Major professional and automakers drivers are represented in this style of racing, but it’s the amateur level that saturates American lives. As the name of the racing implies, production car racing features strictly production-based road cars with restricted modifications to their aerodynamics, suspensions, tires, brakes, wheels, and powertrains.

These are some different types of auto car racing over the globe. Every type of auto car racing that we have covered this far requires two things: a driver’s license and a physical car. 

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