Moto GP: All About The Exciting Sport

All You Ought To Know About Motor SportingAll You Ought To Know About Motor Sporting

Motor Sport is a common term that encompasses sporting events that involve the use of high speed, high-performance vehicles. It is a blanket term used to refer to competitions involving two-wheeler s, cars, powerboats or even airplanes. Motor sporting involves motor racing which is a competition between a number of racers.

Motor Racing

In motorcycle racing or motor racing, the race machines are divided based on their engine displacement capacity. The range begins at 50 cubic cm and goes on to include 125, 250, 350, 500, 750 cubic cm. motorists engage in different types of races.

All You Ought To Know About Motor Sporting
All You Ought To Know About Motor Sporting

Types Of Motor Racing

The types of motorcycle races that are quite a popular include

  • Motorcycle trials– This refers to an event that is of long duration. it could be on/off-highway events.  In this type of event speed is not an important factor.
  • Speedway racing–  This refers to racing using ultralightweight bikes. The race, however, is for a short distance on a short, flat and oval dirt track.
  • Motocross– This is a cross-country racing event. it is a spectator sport. This type of motor racing is all about finishing the number of laps specified. However, the course would be on natural terrain and would be rough.
  • Drag racing-  This type of motor racing would be between two racers. The race course would involve top speed contest on a smooth-surfaced course that is straight. It is usually held on frozen lakes or stadium tracks that are ice covered. Motorcycle hill climbs or uphill road races are part of drag racing.

 A sports car meant for racing is fitted with additional safety equipment and features that would make racing at high speed on tracks a possibility.

Types Of Motor Racing Events

  • Autocross– This is a timing based contest that involves competitors racing against each other. the competition would either be on a surface that is unsealed or on the grass.
  • Circuit racing– This is an entry level club circuit event. A number of car racers participate in the event. one who crosses the chequered flag placed on the track is the winner. However, one has to complete the specified number of laps on the track.
  •  Cross country racing- In this type of race, the competitors are supposed to tackle rough terrain within a given period of time. Racing might be restricted to a single terrain or would be in multiple venues.
  •  Drag racing– It is a high-speed racing that is to be held on a flat and straight course of about 440 yards. It is a sprint race between two competitors.
  • Hill climb – This type of racing might or might not include timing. the race involves completing the uphill course within a specified time or the competitor who finishes the task within a short time is considered the winner.
  •  Navigational rallies-  This is actually a test of the ability of the driver to map read and find solutions to the clues while adhering to the time schedule.
  •  Karting– It generally is a racing event that is held for a number of competitors at a single time. The competitors are supposed to handle karts which are small, vehicles that feature a rigid frame and lack suspension. Speed is the key in this type of racing.
All You Ought To Know About Motor Sporting
All You Ought To Know About Motor Sporting

Car Racing

Apart from these, there are many more car racing competitions of different types. It involves navigating on a slow speed course as well as those that involve team effort as well.  

You could actually choose your racing courses and the type of motor racing you wish to excel in, by going through the number of possibilities.

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