A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver

A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver

Read An Interesting Story About A Racing Car Gamer Driver

A simulation car race player, named Enzo Bonnita has beaten a real racing car gamer world champion. Place – Mexico, in a live race on January 2019. 23 YO Enzo was got training on a racing simulator. Moreover, Enzo had beat Lucas di Grassi. However, Lucas is a Formula E and ex-Formula one driver.

A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver
A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver

Drivers Join eSports: eSports, a new platform for playing racing games

eSport is a platform that attracts professional gamers as well as the persons dedicated to car race. The professional gamers who joined eSports had beaten real-life car gamer.

However, the game simulators can train someone for playing racing car. Even they learn from their simulation-experience how to beat a real gamer.

The Bright Side of Being a professional Gamer Driver

Racing Car – Build Stronger Control On Your Nerves:

It helps you to take control of your nerves when you work under pressure. Moreover, it helps you to control stress, anxiety and anger. Constant exposure to stress while playing car racing games make your nerve stronger and teaches you to make decisions in a short time. Studies say, car games improve the flexibility of your mind and increase cognitive ability.

Games Of Racing Car Make Your More Competitive:

Constant exposure to competition while playing racing car games makes you stronger and determined. Moreover, racing car games teach you to accept failure sportingly.

Increased Concentration:

Playing racing car games increases concentration. A professional gamer driver has to concentrate on playing the game for a long time. Because, if his or her mind deviates, there are chances to lose the game.

The Other Side Of Being A Professional Gamer Driver

Addiction For Racing Car Game:

The gamer drivers often build addiction for the game. Obsession for the game often seems to hamper a regular life, daily routine, work schedule. Moreover, the addiction hampers study and career. We are not polite video games here. But addiction to video games is one of the disadvantages that one shouldn’t refrain from mentioning.

A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver
A Professional Racing Car Gamer Driver

Poor Eyesight:

We know talking about poor eyesight is cliché. But addiction to video games makes the vision weaker. Staring always at rapidly moving objects strains the eyes. Strains on eyes often lead to headache, migraine, insomnia, even nausea.

Decreased Physical Fitness:

Sitting in front of the monitor and holding the joystick or the mouse for too long affects your posture. Moreover, bad postures often lead to back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and other orthopaedic complications.

However, a professional gamer must engage himself or herself in regular physical activities. Moreover, addiction for the game often leads a professional racing car gamer to refrain from outdoor activities and other physical activities.


However, the dedicated gamers are often found to stick to the monitor and the joystick. They usually refrain from doing physical activity. Not engaging in physical activities lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and decreased blood flow. Moreover, one might suffer from joint pain, arthritis, and muscle pain etc.

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