7 Useful Tips for Acing Downhill Bike Racing

downhill bike racing

Downhill Bike Racing is defined as the ‘Formula 1 of mountain biking’. It is admittedly the most sensational and impressive amongst all exercises, and the one that requires the best procedure, information of the device, and athletic muscle.

Tips to Sharpen up Performance in Downhill Bike Racing

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Starting from the basics – up to high aspects, are downlisted the tips to get better in the world of Downhill Bike Racing.

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Before you start exercising downhill, you need to get a fundamental belief in your rig, the DH bike. Its dimension, tire tension, respite set-up, the design of the handlebar, brake machines, and gear shifters: all need to be tailored to the rider’s symmetries and substance, to his/her riding manner, and the conditions of the trail ahead.

The Body Position On The Bike In Downhill Bike Racing

You need to maintain a good body position on the bike and need to follow all the biking disciplines. When pitching, a good rider’s situation requires holding up in a centralized point on the bike, peering ahead, with wide elbows, low heels, and knees somewhat bent, ready to grasp the influence forces of the impediments.

Keeping your eyes straight ahead

Looking ahead is rule number one in biking: it allows you to anticipate the course and react quickly, and never be caught off-guard. Being used to looking 3-6 meters ahead does wonders for 90% of riders. If you cannot handle it, you just have to temper down.

Level Of Pedals And Handling Of The Bike Actively

When biking downhill, the pedals require to be level. This gets you into a more favorable condition to ‘pump’ your bike, i.e. to shift the weight of your body from the pedals onto stopping and rollers, assisting grip and pace.

Make Friends With The Brakes

Brakes can be our protection and in expanding to always checking their position and just functioning, we are required to learn their usage as well, with light and specific technique.

Not Only Bike

Biking is a physical sport and the Downhill Bike Racing discipline requires, in addition to considerable mobility in the saddle and excellent balance, some specific qualities.

Body Armor And Clothing

Downhill Bike Racing requires body armor: in addition to, obviously, a full-face helmet with a non-removable chin guard, knee pads, back protector, elbow pads, and long-finger gloves. It is all about being sufficient, defended in the case of a collision but without awareness, movement is extremely less. Finally, a nice pair of gears that fit your face correctly is everything that you require. The footwear can be for a level or clipless pedals. A jersey with long sleeves on top of a professional first layer, shorts of firm substance make for the whole outfit of the true downhiller.


Practicing Downhill Bike Racing step by step every new idea and technique we explained, taking time to make it yours, we are confident you will get your reward and improve your Downhill Bike Racing.

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